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  1. Well, unfortunately, after reading all these things, all I have to to do (as a premium user) is: WAIT, WAIT, and WAIT until the v10 finally gets R E A D Y, at least with the legacy version's same functionalities! Very sad! What a shame!!!!
  2. Hi, @PinkElephant. Thanks for the prompt reply. Well, as you've written, "EN behaves like this with many programs: It serves by offering notes as containers that can hold all kinds of information and attachments"... So, why not store the photo with this metadata? I agree that their primary use is not a photo manager, but we ended up using it to save a lot of information, which includes, for example, photos... But, anyway, I hope EN stop removing this information from photos taken directly by the EN app... Regards.
  3. Hi, folks! Why photos taken directly from the Evernote app (iOS) does not keep the EXIF photo info? I mean, I need to take a picture by using the photo app and after that share to Evernote app... IMHO, there are a lot of unnecessary steps here... Any hints on this? Thanks a lot!
  4. Hi, I'm facing the same problem here... Any ideia? Mojave 10.14.15 Version 7.12 (457935 Direct) Editor: 69.1.8237 (1f0aea9)
  5. Or it should be possible to press "CMD G" as a "Find Next" feature for example...
  6. Hi, folks! Is there any way to show all tags based on a search in the Tags View? For example, I want to list (or highlight) all occurrences of tags which have "temp" as a substring... I'm using EN for Mac 7.6 for Mac ... Thanks a lot, Fabio
  7. Hi, Yep!! The menu really appear to me... but it doesn't work... ?
  8. Hi, Folks! After installing this beta 2, the "Save PDF to Evernote" on Mac just stopped to work... Anyone facing the same problem? Thanks a lot, Fabio
  9. By the way, how to delete a note that someone else shared with me?
  10. Answering my own question... I've solved this by using AppleScript and attaching it to a snippet trigger on Alfred app...
  11. Hi, Folks! As we don't have a shortcut to "Email a Copy..." note option in Mac, I'm trying to set a shortcut by using MacOS keyboard shortcuts. The problem is that the Share window in Evernote DOES NOT allow to navigate between its controls/buttons (To: ... "Can Edit and Invite"... "More Sharing") just by using the keyboard... You MUST use the mouse to navigate and click the options... Do you know how to solve this? Thanks a lot!!
  12. Hi!!!! Any news on this topic? I've been trying to use siri/evernote in Portuguese and ... no way!!!! What a pity!!!
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