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  1. I'll try that out later, but why should that extra step be necessary? Other Windows applications don't require that. When they get shut down automatically when Windows restarts, they remember their last window state. Is this bug going to be fixed? EDIT: Quitting with Ctrl+Q doesn't save the maximized state either. This is such a simple thing to test -- I wonder why no-one at Evernote will test it and fix it.
  2. Evernote v6.0.6 is still unable to remember the state of its maximized window between reboots.
  3. Evernote v6.0.5 is still unable to remember the state of its maximized window between reboots.
  4. Will Evernote fix the issue whereby when you cut a few lines of text (or a few lines of bullet points) and paste them elsewhere in the note, after pasting the text the blinking input cursor is usually somewhere unexpected. It should be at the end of the last line of text that was pasted.
  5. Since it seems only these pinned threads get responded to by Evernote staff, let me mention here that the bug discussed at the link below is still present in v5.9.5 https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/86614-bug-does-not-remember-maximized-state-of-the-window/
  6. I wonder if this change of direction means there's any chance Evernote will in future stop placing adverts / "tips" at the top of the notes list in the iOS and Android clients. I'm sick of seeing these each day when I go into the notes list in the mobile clients and have to tap the little 'x' to make these "informative" cards at the top of the notes list go away.
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