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  1. Another cut-and-paste bug. Try this: With a bulleted list, select the last few words of one of the lines. Hit Ctrl+x to cut those words to the clipboard. Hit Home to go to the beginning of the line. Hit Ctrl+v to paste. Notice where the text insertion cursor ends up.
  2. The thing I'm concerned about is bugs getting fixed. Simple. In one of the other threads where you quoted my reply, I was referring to the fact that @kvitekp had finally acknowledged a bug (one of the "small" bugs as you refer to them), and then said that it would be fixed in v6.1. I then went on to report that it actually wasn't fixed in the final release of v6.1 at all, at which point @kvitekp went quiet. Not a peep. So as far as I can tell, that "small" bug is no closer to being fixed and the matter is still completely open-ended. And in this thread, I've pointed out another "small" bug, to do with the multiple selection/focus in the left panel. That has been happening for a very long time. And yet no-one at Evernote has ever even acknowledged it. I'm active in the forums of other software products that are developed sometimes by a single developer, where they (the developer) reply to many threads every day (i.e. to pretty much everybody that takes the time to report anything at all). With all of Evernote's millions of dollars, you don't think they could/should afford to have someone providing a better response in their forums, showing that they're taking all feedback and bug reports onboard, and working to get them resolved? Doesn't matter how small the issues are, the users are providing feedback for free, something that most companies have to pay QA teams a lot of money for. Instead we just see a lot of burying of heads in the sand and a whole lot of silence. No respect for the users or their time.
  3. @gustavgi I wonder why you are so accepting of Evernote having so many "small" bugs. After so many years in development it should be pretty polished by now. In addition to lots of "small" bugs there have been many major bugs that have had to be fixed in recent months too, which caused lots of problems for many people for many years. So there's a two-fold problem: the foundations (for the big underlying things) were clearly very shaky, and progress on the "small" bugs isn't going so well either, due to an apparent lack of quality testing and lack of attention to detail. I wonder why you rush to their defense so quickly. They're a commercial organization, with a commercial product. Many millions of dollars of venture capital have been sucked up by Evernote for the development of their product. Many would argue that for the many millions of dollars spent so far, the product should be in a much better state than it is. I know that this is hard for you to accept and that you will have more things to say in their defense. If you are happy with your Premium subscription (I assume you're also paying for Premium), and you think the product is as good as it needs to be for your needs, then that's fine, but you shouldn't take issue with the rest of us pointing out the things Evernote is getting wrong, no matter how "small" they may be.
  4. @emerick @kvitekp Still waiting for a reply. Are you keeping up with the free bug reports in the forums from your users, for issues your QA team never find on their own?
  5. @emerick @kvitekp I sure do hope someone at Evernote is going to respond at some point. We the users have been beta testing this product (and I'm referring to the so-called "stable" versions) for years, providing bug reports for free, and you can't be bothered to read the forums and acknowledge the issues?
  6. @kvitekp This was not fixed in the final version, 6.1.2. After rebooting, when I click on the tray icon, I still get a restored window, not a maximized one. Note: Two things are not getting restored: the last state of the window, and the last tag I had selected in the sidebar (instead it just selects the top-level 'Notebooks' view).
  7. Well, the only "detail" that I needed to report is that you need to cut some text and then you need to paste the text. Not exactly a very complicated or difficult problem to spot, is it? The bug has been present for at least a year, maybe even 2 years. It boggles the mind to think that none of the staff at Evernote have ever tried to cut and paste some text in a note. It's no wonder there's so much frustration from the userbase when it's apparent that absolutely no testing is happening at Evernote for even the most basic of things. In the main thread for the v6.1 release I've also put the steps for another issue where 2 nodes remain simultaneously selected in the Left Pane. That has also been happening for years, and I wonder how many more years it will take for that basic bug to get fixed, and how many discussions it will take in the forums before anybody at Evernote eventually "notices" it. When my Premium subscription runs out, I think I'll just stick with the free, basic account. I don't feel like paying any money to a company that doesn't actually even use their own product and doesn't even notice the most basic and fundamental of problems for many years.
  8. Dragging the scrollbar with the mouse on long notes that consist of many checkbox items (e.g. ToDo Lists) is extremely herky-jerky. This is in contrast to plain text notes that don't have checkboxes, where dragging the scrollbar is nice and smooth. Is there some optimization you can do to improve the situation?
  9. Something I believe I've mentioned in the past, which has always bothered me with Evernote, is still a problem in v6.1.2. Basically, the issue is that there are various scenarios where it is possible for multiple nodes to show as being selected simultaneously (or having focus) in the Left Panel. It really should be the case that only one node in the Left Panel can be highlighted at any time, depending on where you actually are. Take this for example: Select one of your tags in the Left Panel so that the notes associated with that tag are displayed in the Right Panel. Hit Ctrl+q, then type a word word that appears in some other note that isn't even tagged with the tag you chose in Step 1, and then hit Enter. Notice that the focus/highlight in the Left Panel moves to 'Notebooks' because the search has occurred against all notes. But notice too that the original tag is still selected/highlighted in the Left Panel, even though you're not in that view anymore. That highlight on the tag should have disappeared as soon as the focus/selection moved to 'Notebooks' at the top level. An even simpler way: Select a tag so that it is highlighted in the Left Panel. Click the 'All Notes' button on the toolbar so that focus moves to 'Notebooks' and all notes are shown. Notice that the tag from Step 1 is still highlighted for some reason. Is this helpful? I really hope this situation can be improved in future versions.
  10. Try this out: Find a note that has many lines of plain text. Select several lines of text from the middle of the note. Hit Ctrl+x to cut those lines of text to the clipboard. Go somewhere else in the same note and click at the end of an existing line of text. Hit Enter to insert a new line underneath the existing text. Hit Ctrl+v to paste the contents of the clipboard (several lines of plain text). Notice where the text insertion caret is blinking.
  11. No, there's no need for me to log a ticket. You guys at Evernote are well aware of the issue by now. And it's very easy for you to reproduce. You can log a ticket yourselves, on your end. Evernote still can't be reliably used for basic text manipulation. Like cut and paste.
  12. @Austin G Did you miss the part where I specified I'm using v6.1.2 ? Does anybody at Evernote try to paste lines of text within a note? It's unbelievable how long this bug has been present. It's really basic/fundamental stuff.
  13. Using the latest release, v6.1.2, I still see the issue whereby the text insertion caret moves to the beginning of the note when pasting text. This happens when I cut multiple lines of text and then past those multiple lines of text somewhere else in the middle of the note. I expect that immediately after pasting, the caret should be visible at the end of the last line of the pasted text, just like in every other application that handles text.
  14. If you go to 'Tools -> Account Info' and click on the link where it tells you how many devices are linked, a web page opens up which says 'Authentication worked! Devices will be listed here.' But nothing is listed.
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