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  1. Electron base, really? That explains why it is so relentlessly slow even on my macbook pro with 16gb and 200Mbps optical line! It seems that these days I am spending more time on the internet searching for answers trying to somehow justify my frustration on how Evernote has gone from one of the few products that I always thought was worth paying for, to a product design that sacrifices productivity and usability over cross-platform maintainability. So far this new version has so many negative aspects that greatly outweigh the positive that this is the first time since 2012, premium subscriber, that I am seriously considering abandoning Evernote for good!
  2. I can confirm that this has been fixed. Just confirmed on version 10.8.4 mac.
  3. Yes this is exactly what I was looking for today. Effectively drilling down to a given note, or note-set, by filtering the tags of the notes returned each time. Another feature that I used constantly to swiftly find an intended note, or set of notes, NOT available in the new release! ! Today I discovered another bad design decision also hampering on productivity - see https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/131673-issues-with-modifying-tagsfiltering-tags/?tab=comments#comment-596504 A new major release of a productivity app that hinders your productivity by removing or badly implementing key features reflects very badly, what's going on evernote team?
  4. Same issue on mac and it took around 15 minutes before tag filtering of new note showed up!! Very annoying and counterproductive.
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