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  1. Sometimes I don't organise small tasks as individual notes. One note is one project with small tasks. When I finish a task I know when I should do the next task and I change the reminder date of the note.
  2. I often change reminders dates. The attached picture is my suggestion how to reduce clicks for this action.
  3. CalS, where is the "Reminder Done" field located? And how can I sort using this field?
  4. Thanks! I will check. But it is a little complicated. And can not sort notes by Mark as Done date.
  5. Is there any way to see "Mark as Done" date of notes? Sometimes it is very important to remember when I have finished a task note. Now I just write down the date inside the note and then Mark as Done. But it is a hand job - sometimes I forget to write down the date, only Mark as Done. Evernote can remember and show when I do it - Mark as Done.
  6. Did you check general Mac's keyboard shortcuts? Maybe Command + Control + K is for something another in your system and because of it does not work in Evernote. System preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts
  7. +1. I also want to use it via button on the toolbar. Actually Cmd+Ctrl+K is OK for me but not for my wife.
  8. Is it possible to remove the ⌘ Delete shortcut???
  9. It works not correct sometimes. Do you know about this?
  10. Also need a "Move to Trash" confirmation dialogue. It is so easy to accidentally delete the note (move to trash) if press "Command + Delete" during search field editing or during note title field editing.
  11. Up... Same problem. Usually during note title editing. How can I switch off "⌘ Delete" shortcut? Or please don't apply this shortcut during any text fields editing.
  12. Please return note's Reminder icon to the old place. I use reminders a lot. Because the most of my notes are tasks with deadlines. Now I should make more clicks and mouse movements to add reminder. No reasons to do this way.
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