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  1. It is impossible to create a new tag with Russian letter 'б' from the bottom of the note. For example, I want to create a new tag 'Гобелен'. I can type first two letters 'Го'. But when I type the third letter 'б' nothing happens. This tag I can create only in Tags sections or with 'Control - Command - T' shortcut. If the letter 'б' is the first one in the tag - no problem: What is wrong with this Russian letter?
  2. Actually desktop app has the local database. You can see it when switch off the Internet.
  3. I noticed that if there is no Internet, if you turn off the wireless Internet, the Evernote application works much faster and more comfortable. It looks like the sync is not done in the best way and it slows down the application. It is necessary that synchronization occurs in the real background, without affecting the user experience. I am not a professional programmer and I don’t know how this is done in applications of this kind. There are different events that take place in the application: creating a note, changing a reminder, etc. These events should occur immediately, and should not wait for a response from the server about the successful completion of the event record in databases. Events should be logged to the server in the background.
  4. I confirm about the same problem. Sometimes I can not edit reminders, sometimes I can not add new reminders. It happens not for all notes - if I can not edit one note's reminders it can be possible for another notes' reminders. Restart the application can solve this problem for some hours. Sometimes the problem disappears without restarting but need wait.
  5. When I add a reminder for today the reminder's time is always 09:00. But now can be later than 09:00. If don't change the time there will be a notification "Reminders must be set in the future", you can not add the reminder. But it is so boring to set the time if the time is not important in your work. I don't remember how but there was not this kind of the problem in the previous version - I could set today without set the time. Now more clicks and more mouse movements. Solution: If need set a reminder for today the reminder's time must be already in the future. For example, 10 minutes later than now.
  6. Actually, when you add a new reminder there are these buttons. But if you edit the reminder there are no these buttons.
  7. In my workflow I often move my tasks using Reminder's buttons "Tomorrow" and "In 1 week". It were very useful. Many tasks I should recheck tomorrow or one week later and more easy to click the buttons instead looking for the right date in the calendar. Now you have removed these buttons and have added one more action for me - after click on the date I have to click Done button. It is not so good for application usability. Please return Reminder's buttons "Tomorrow", "In 1 week". More better solution: add "Tomorrow" and "In 1 week" to the drop menu after clicking on Reminder - less clicks and mouse movements, more App power.
  8. Sometimes it is not suitable. This search will be around all notebooks but sometimes I need only tags of one notebook. This search will find not only tags but also any words around notes.
  9. In new Evernote versions for Mac need 4 clicks to apply a filter by tag: 1. Click on "Add filter" button 2. Click on "Select tag..." field 3. Find and click on the tag 4. Click on any place to close "Add Filters" window In old versions it was more quickly, only 2 clicks: 1. Click on "Tag" button 2. Find and click on the tag Please check how in new versions can apply filters by tags more quickly. Now need spend 2 times more clicks.
  10. I also don't like the opening in a new window. Maybe somebody needs it but I think only one app window is better.
  11. The problem: in "Search results" no "Reminder" tab that I need. To see notes by reminder date.
  12. I often repeat the same filters. For example, select a specific Notebook and select notes in it by a specific tags. This takes a few clicks. It will be convenient if I can save the filter in shortcuts. And then the result of applying the filter can be obtained with a single click in Shortcuts.
  13. In the new 10.x versions, I have found that when you click on a link you don't go on the link. First, a pop-up window appears with the link and you need to click on it again. This is inconvenient, especially when notes have a lot of cross-links between notes. Please make it so that when you click on the link you go immediately occurs without the need for a second click. Like in old versions.
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