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  1. Created a single tag via Windows build Attached tag to one note via drag-and-drop to the Notebook overview pane. Selected the tag from the sidebar but it failed to filter the notes to show the tagged note. Screenshots : Screen 1 -One note tagged with 'copy' (the only tag created): Screen 2 - Selecting 'copy' from Sidebar->Tags->'copy' gave: Build info: Heading to the website to report this forced a log-out and log-in. Upon logging-in I looked at the browser interface via Firefox and the problem was not apparent - the copy' tag was filtering correctly when selected. Switching back to the PC program on my desktop (which was still running), the 'copy' tag was also now working correctly and filtering the note I'd attached it to. I didn't notice any interruption in my network connectivity between seeing the issue in the Windows build and heading to the site to report it (I may be mistaken).
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