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  1. Right clicking on the note - anywhere in it - brings up Link/Add Link/Insert Web Address but there is nothing that I want to insert In the menu bar above hitting Note/Copy Note Link brings up this "Please verify your email address to share notes and notebooks." This is not what I want the link for but even when I send the verification nothing happens to create a link. I get nothin to paste Those are the only options I am given and in neither of them do I get something to paste. I am stumped
  2. I just got v7.8 and the links system is not at all what I had in a previous version. I have two Notes, A and Z. I want to see in A a clickable link that, when used, we send me to Z. When, in Z, I click Link/Add Link I get a window asking me to insert "the web address for this link". A web address has nothing to do with the linkage I want to create: I just want to paste into A a link to click on that will send me from A to Z. How can I do what I want? Thanks.
  3. I think that it worked, About now claims that I have 7.8. Now I have to figure out the new bells and whistle. Thank you THANK YOU. It is folks like you two that make this help forum the best I've seen, and tell the EN Mothership that a significant factor in my decision to stay with EN these many years is the volunteers who help out here. Thanks again. You will see me again whenever I suddenly realize that I am clueless.
  4. OK I found Evernote in the MacApp Store and sure enough it shows v7.8 with a button that says "update". So I will close my EN on the Mac and hit the update button and hope for the best.
  5. I am on my way to look at Apple, in the mention, my EN "About" location saYS THS: Version 5.3.0 (401806)
  6. thank you Sayre. Forgive me but I do not recognize the image as anywhere in my EN Mac, so I do not know how to get to that screen. Maybe 5.3 did not have the capability that the screen shot you send now provides. And ... is a giant leap from v 5 to v 7 still within the scope of an "upgrade"? (I hope so)
  7. many thanks. I got EN years ago and I have no record of the source. It may have been Apple or EN's web page, either is just a likely as the other. Assuming that it's a coin flip, where do I go from there? Is there something that I can look at to see where my EN app came from? thanks
  8. I just upgraded to High Sierra. I have EN 5.3 (that’s right, EN does indeed go back that far) and now I want to get EN 7.8 which I believe is the current version. I just read this Forum colloquy from 24 Jan ‘19 https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/118615-full-uninstall-older-build/ "For Evernote, you could probably get away with deleting the app and database folder.” Are these the only two steps needed for a non techie such as I? Assuming that the answer is yes then… 1. To delete the app, should I drag the icon to Trash, empty Trash and restart the Mac? 2. How do I navigate to the EN database file? What is its name? Do I delete by simply highlighting it and pressing the delete key? 3. Is there a preferred source for getting EN 7.8 - AppStore versus EN’s website? I know that I just asked a lot of questions and I assume that all are pretty mundane for pros. So, thank you for putting up with this, and thanks for your help.
  9. My question posed an either or question about the sequencing of the os upgrade and the en install, I read your reply as telling me that I should first do the os upgrade then do the en upgrade. Thanks
  10. I am going to upgrade my Mac os to High Sierra. Should I clean uninstall EN before installing the new os or leave EN alone and just do the os upgrade? Thanks
  11. Thanks bad result log out / log in EN done. Result no change then shut down Mac and powered it back up then entered EN done Result no change EN on the Mac still thinks I've use 60 of 60 leaving zero available note re Mac I did shutdown not restart
  12. On the web my account info says, correctly, that I have 60mb available to upload. But on my laptop it says, incorrectly, that I have zero mb available and 60mb used. How can I get the laptop to recognize the correct amount? I can't create any new notes - that sync - till then. Thanks.
  13. I thought that I was replying to DTbut I'll take all the help that I can get CalS. Here is the thread and ithe problem isdriving me nuts
  14. I just noticed that you replied to my issue this morning. Hope you saw that I still have the problem. Anyway thanks again
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