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  1. Absolutely! I use the tags to assign well defined terms for searches. In other words, my Notebooks are titled for specific types of data. In my detective days..I would assign one section in my Franklin Covey to each case. Within that section were sub dividers for crime scene evidence, hunches (No...Really!), for leads I needed to follow up on...etc. With EN, I don't really have dividers and sub dividers! I have available to me Notebooks and Tags. (Stacks if one uses those...I do not). So..I title a limited number of Notebooks for specific or very general subjects, and use Tags for specific sea
  2. Before anyone beats me too badly..I'd like to say I understand and use tags! They can be indispensable, and make housekeeping chores much easier, especially with the idea of filing all your data in EN. It would take a heck of a lot of filing cabinets or at least very looooong, through the wall drawers, if most of us tried to put all our data in one filing drawer, (kind of like in that Morgan Freeman movie) and darn difficult to find anything! Hence..the use of tags to make finding stuff easier. I've got a file drawer in my rolltop..(sideways orientation unfortunately) and it has a plethora of
  3. Hi all, Is there any way to disable long press? When I'm attempting to take notes, even a short delay on my part, brings up the copy/photo option which then makes writing impossible! Any suggestions? Does not seem to be any way to turn this off in the settings! Thanks, Unkei
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