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  1. Absolutely! I use the tags to assign well defined terms for searches. In other words, my Notebooks are titled for specific types of data. In my detective days..I would assign one section in my Franklin Covey to each case. Within that section were sub dividers for crime scene evidence, hunches (No...Really!), for leads I needed to follow up on...etc. With EN, I don't really have dividers and sub dividers! I have available to me Notebooks and Tags. (Stacks if one uses those...I do not). So..I title a limited number of Notebooks for specific or very general subjects, and use Tags for specific searches, rather in lieu of tabbed sub dividers and or sections. The Tags assist me in finding important data, while the Notebooks give me a very general space to initially place my data. The Notebooks and Tags work together as a complete system, enabling one to fine tune their workspace, kind of like defining your workspace in Photoshop! Hope this helps! Unkei
  2. Before anyone beats me too badly..I'd like to say I understand and use tags! They can be indispensable, and make housekeeping chores much easier, especially with the idea of filing all your data in EN. It would take a heck of a lot of filing cabinets or at least very looooong, through the wall drawers, if most of us tried to put all our data in one filing drawer, (kind of like in that Morgan Freeman movie) and darn difficult to find anything! Hence..the use of tags to make finding stuff easier. I've got a file drawer in my rolltop..(sideways orientation unfortunately) and it has a plethora of useful and useless junk in it. And..because of its sideways orientation..I can hardly read the file labels. Not efficient! But EN and tags...a whole different matter. Easy to find anything..don't really need to think of where I stashed something! Still....I like my Notebooks! I've always used notebooks with tabs separating subjects. As a detective in a large Law Enforcement Agency..I used (and simply could not do without), a medium sized Franklin Covey zippered notebook. It had pockets for various cards and papers, as well as the options for lined, blank, or grid pages, adress pages, fold out calenders...etc. And lo and behold, you could even put in hard dividers and put tab labels on these! It was a thing of beauty, and though retired since 2010.....I use it loveingly yet today! As to Notebooks in EN, i use and like them for the same reasons. I can label them just like in the aforementioned Franklin Covey...and know at a glance what type of data resides there. And..I can still use tags to quickly find anything I need. Best of two worlds IMHO! I currently average between 25-30 EN Notebooks, and as long as I make judicious use of tags, I don't see myself hitting the dreaded 250 Notebook limit. But I do like the Notebook structure for reasons given. To those who cry foul due to the 250 Notebook limit, it would probably be a good idea to learn about and make use of tags! Unkei
  3. Hi all, Is there any way to disable long press? When I'm attempting to take notes, even a short delay on my part, brings up the copy/photo option which then makes writing impossible! Any suggestions? Does not seem to be any way to turn this off in the settings! Thanks, Unkei
  4. OK, JMichaelTX, I was not aware of that! I will move that info out of EN immediately! I know that the info placed in EN is pretty secure..still..I'll move it! Thanks, Unkei
  5. Hi csihilling, A lot of years ago,....I was 17, I worked at RR Donnelley & Sons in Willard Ohio, as a Proof Press Operator. The company is one of the largest printing companies in the world. I just like the image as it reminds me of a less rushed time. And...I still like writing with a fountain pen..believe it or not. I have used several puter journals..and my preference is to use a fine pen with a paper journal...go figure!!! Aside from that..my wife, Deborah and I operate a small company called Middle Earth Turnings, and one of the things we make is a selection of fine writing instruments..high quality ink pens. We display at juried art shows, and do fairly well. We do not have a website, as we feel you have to hold each of our pens in your own hand and write with it to select a pen which is right for you. The pen shown is all inlaid wood...no decals! Each star and each stripe is individually inlaid in the pen before it is turned on a lathe! Cheers, Unkei
  6. Hi csihilling, Yup......I've got EN on a Mac Book Pro with all the bells and whistles! The only reason I even tried the whole deal was because of a post on this great forum! But..I really think that it's just not worth worrying about! After all, EN does everything I need.,and far more than I currently understand! I'll get there! But..for now..I'll just put that info in what I feel is a more secure location! Cheers, Unkei
  7. Thanks csihilling, The only notebook I was attempting to make Offline, was one I had my Handgun serial numbers in and didn't want the info in the cloud! I can just put that info elsewhere..not a huge deal! Most of my info is not going to cause any countries to fall..or rise!!! I'm a nobody..been a nobody for 68..going on 69 years! I was a Deputy Sheriff for 35 years in our State's Capitol..but..no genius! Did manage to get a degree in Criminal Justice..and one in Psychology...Still...No Genius!!! All that being said...I sure do like EN! It is my goto filebox...not using it to maximum efficiency yet..BUT..I'll get there with everyone on this great forum's help!!! Everyday..I learn something new! Just have to learn how to apply it correctly!!! LOL!!! Stick with me...and try not to flame my poor old a## too badly!!! I started in computing somewhat before the Two Steves did their thing in the garage. Had to make my own computer and write my own first programs in Basic! No Hard Drives.. No Floppy Disks...No Nuttin!!! Heck..I still have a Mac signed by the Woz!!! My puter usage streches back to before there was a WEB! Just a very slow dial up modem and some (not many), discussion groups! Heck..my first TV remote was tethered by a cord, and only turned on/off..up/down and such! I remember being absolutely amazed by Pong!!! And today's kids wont have a clue about vinyl records...even CDs and such! Guess I'm just out of sync with the times! Still have a Palm Pilot for God's sake...but also have a Ham Radio Ticket, an HF portable, 3 SW Radios, 2Mac Book Pros, 3 iPads, a Canon EOS,60D DSLR..and..a Partridge In A Pear Tree! I have built 3 PCs, and one Website for a National Industrial Tire Company! So..guess I can't be too dumb! Still....who knows? Cheers, Unkei
  8. Hello, I've attempted to select a notebook per instructions to make it an offline notebook. How can I see if it was actually made an offline note book? These are the insructions I used: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch: Tap your account name on the top left of the home screen. Tap ' General ' > ' Notebooks ' > ' Offline Notebooks' . You then have the option to 'Download All Notes' or you can tap ' Download Selected Notebooks ' and select one or more notebooks to make offline. Tap ' < Notebooks ' at the top of the screen to confirm your changes. Thanks, Unkei
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