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  1. ... tomorrow afternoon? Why does this take so long? Why does it seem to be of apparently such a low priority? Is ist too difficult to implement, is there too little development capacity, or is there really too little public interest in this features? Strangely, every new iOS version (and to a certain degree also OSX version) brings other "cloudy" surprises: first a grey on grey tag cloud, and now, even "cloudier", different colors for weighing my tags, i guess to tell me how often I use each one of them. Seems as if my iPhone wants to tell me: "Don't read, just look at those nice colors - yo
  2. Monthes and years go by, where do you go, evernote? Is there any chance to see nested tags in iOS in the near future? I do not like to throw my notes into a black hole, depending on a search functionality which may or may not find something for me! So I must have a possibility to organize my tags and review them! ------- iOS version should have, just like the windows/web version: - NESTED TAGS, NESTED TAGS, NESTED TAGS - sorting tags within a tags structure - tagging notes with, yes again, selecting from a list of nested tags - Filter by notebook first, then by tags
  3. Using tags, keywords & descriptive titles allows you to use the powerful EN search engine so you can easily & quickly find notes. I have over 63,000 notes and yet most of my searches are across all notebooks, not relegated to a single notebook. And yet I can easily find the note(s) I'm looking for. That IS true. I regret my last sentence was in fact unfair. Evernote's search engine found everything I was looking for - up to now, I am still at < 1000 notes and attachments. But I also still do not like the "black hole" my notes go to in evernote for iOS. - In Windows, tags quite
  4. Nested tags on iPad sadly are not possible. This is discussed since years, since evernote introduced this exciting feature to organize tasks hierarchically but never truly brought it to an end. You could give the app "Clever HD" a try, which shows your evernote tags hierarchically in one big list (not collapsable) - not the best option in my opinion as it lacks some other features of evernote like search within pdf's and local notebooks (real offline access), and some crashes in my experience. For my part, I am slowly getting tired to wait for evernote allowing the "files and folders"-thi
  5. I'd like to second this: Mac version of evernote already has a separate tag search dropdown field doing exactely this: showing a filtered list of tags from the notebook(s) selected. Would be a great enhancement for evernote on android. A different approach would be some checkbox "filter by selected notebook" beside the search field, also for other tag related functions within evernote (filtering notes by tags, tag suggestions list when tagging etc). I would prefer such a solution principally, but this is nothing already implemented on any other platform to my knowledge - which would be an argu
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