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  1. Same problems on Winndows 10. No problem on iPad or Web. I noticed the problem just after upgrading to the latest upgrade (10.18.3)
  2. The search in a note is NOT scrolling between found words when there are many hits. Is that normal, intended, or am I doing something wrong? I click the 3 dots up right. Click Search in note Type a word I can see that there is 3 (or whatever) words found I see that I am at 1/3 When I click on the arrow (>) to scroll to the next word, I see that I'm at 2/3 word, but the note is not scrolling to the word. Any idea? Thanks, Robert
  3. OK, I'll be following the other thread about this problem. Sorry for not have search for it before! I tried what is posted there and nothing is working as expected (at least as I expect! ). Thanks
  4. Where do you use the internal link ? I mean, what apps are you using ? As I said, I'm using Evernote and OmniFocus on my iPad and iPhone X, and it is NOT working, I just get Evernote to open at the current note I was using, not the linked note. If I close (swiping up) Evernote and then try a link from OmniFocus, then it will open the right note. But after that, not working. Closing Evernote every time is probably not the best work flow!
  5. Since the last update of Evernote on iPad and iPhone I have a problem with internal links. I'm using a Premium version of Evernote. My workflow is using OmniFocus and Evernote for my projects and tasks. I create a project in OmniFocus with tasks. In the task note field I paste an internal link from Evernote. In the note in Evernote, i have my "notes", references, reminders, questions and all. So, when I click on the link in OmniFocus I want to open the note in Evernote. Logic! I'm using this workflow for a long time, always worked. But, now when I click on the link, I get Evernote to open in the last note I was using, NOT the linked note! I have a LOT of internal links in OmniFocus (also in Drafts and Word) from Evernote. NONE are working. My workflow is broken! Waste of a lot of time and productivity to get to the correct note in Evernote. From what I read in the forum about the "new" Evernote a lot of features or workflow are broken. It reminds me of not too long ago when Evernote had big problems and a lot of dissatisfied customers. Many of us stayed with Evernote hoping for better days. But now where are we going? But, mister CEO, Ian Smith, said the new version would be a great improvement over what we had before. For what I see, we have a GREAT cosmetic improvement but a broken software. On top of that, he said that we would have the same experience over all platforms. GREAT, we will ALL have over ALL platforms a GREAT cosmetic and BROKEN software. Please Evernote lets get serious! It is becoming a joke and not a funny joke!
  6. You are right Evernote Web is not supported on iPad browser. But, try CHROME (for iPad in App Store) and use the pull down menu (right top corner) and you'll see that you can open a Desktop session. Then Evernote Web will open on your iPad (mine is Pro). Not very friendly, but a good work around, better then nothing I guess. Robert
  7. As I ended my post : "Just my opinion" I may add also : a bit of frustration on my part. But I'm staying with EVERNOTE (not moving to OneNote ) as I'm sure they will come up with a fix, soon ! Thanks for taking the time to reply. Robert
  8. I'm a EVERNOTE user since 2012, Premium (costing $$$) for 3-4 years and I have more then 5,000 notes. Using iPad Pro and iPhone 5S. So, I'm using EVERNOTE quite a lot ! But since the release of version 8 things are really going down hill to say the least. Like many, many, many other customers I'm experiencing lag, lost notes, lag, problems with search, lag, creating a reminder from ToDay widget not working, lag, creating a reminder from the "+" button on main window opens a note with the clock (reminder) set but need to click in note to start typing, lag, any many other "little" annoying problems. And did I mention LAG ? Now I have two "silly" questions: A) does anybody at EVERNOTE reading our comments ? does anybody at EVERNOTE "really" using Evernote on a daily basis like us, customers ? For the second question I'm really not sure that anybody is doing it, because they would have noticed all the problems. The problems people are reporting are just plain everyday usage of Evernote, not anything exotic or special, just plain normal usage. They dont even post (or I should say rarely) anything on the forum to explain, to say the take notice or anything. They dont even apologize for releasing a version that was broken from day one. Even with the latest version (8.03) we are experiencing problems, and did I mention LAG ? Anyways, we can read some customers looking for something to go to and delete EVERNOTE. The company is making a big mistake right now, IMHO ! Maybe the should release a NEW version 8.1 that would revert back to the last version of Evernote (7) that was working, and work honestly before releasing version 8.2 without too many bugs ! Hopefully we, customers, will get a working version soon or the company will lose many users of EVERNOTE. Just my opinion ! Robert
  9. Same behaviour for me ! Any idea for when we'll get a fix for this problem and MANY others with this new release ????? Many thanks.
  10. Hi, I'm using the new version (8.01) on my iPad Pro for a few days now. When I press the ( + ) button on the main screen to create a new note and select "Reminder", the new note opens with the reminder button (top right cornet) there and set. But, if I go to the To Day Widget and press the Clock to create a reminder, a new note is opened but the reminder button is not there. I have to press the ( ... ) at top right and select the Add reminder to make it a reminder note. Nothing different to click on a new note in the To Day Widget. Maybe I'm doing something wrong or I do not understand correctly... but it was working in the previous version ! Any idea ?? Thanks Robert
  11. This new version is very, very slow ! I'm using a iPad Pro with 250 G of memory. When I open Evernote it takes a few seconds before I can open a note, scroll down notes or search for a specific notes. Even if I try to open a new note for editing from inside Evernote or from the To Day widget, it takes a few seconds to respond. Really annoying! Please, tell us what is happening !!!! Thanks.
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