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  1. @PinkElephant: "Better be prepared" ... Yes I agree. But the decision of changing behaviour of functions becomes very bad. The last time I struggled with this, was the new formatting when copying and paste of text (I guess one year ago): Whenever I did this with my E-Mail Code the line spacing is that much that I have to replaced this in Word: (^p with ^l) to copy this in Evernote. This "list box"-desaster is just another step to ruin my belief in Evernote.
  2. Version 10 ist in not working as expected. Just two things that hinders me to be productive with this version: 1. check boxes are now list boxes: How clever is this decision from Evernote? - Things are working for years in a certain way. And now it is broken :-( 2. HTML-Desaster: On my MacBook articles are showing as "HTML" and then there aren't any changes possible. - In Windows (where I am not using version 10) everything looks ok. Now I am running the "legacy version" on my Mac an still everything is fine. ==> The version 10 (the "*****" version) will I never usee. By the way: It 's the first time Evernote offers two version at the same time. This is their way to handle the discontent users
  3. I have the same problem. After 5 minutes EN-login screen the massage is: Cannot get the connetion. 😞 For multiple Version-Updates before it worked like a charm. Please fix this.
  4. I have links that refer to a folder. This is very comfotable to reference data in EN. With the current version (308094) links with umlauts doesn't work anymore. E.g.: the link text is: C:\Prduktionsübergaben When I copied this to the "Add Link"-window this link doesn't work. Back in the link-window you can see C:\Produktions�bergaben Of course for the ü I can add %C3%BC. But there are two drawbacks: Uncomfortable to replace the umlauts (ü, ä, ö, ß). Whenever editing the link the hexadicimal characters are replaced whith the umlauts. Please help.
  5. Sorry, you are right, BurgersNFries. You are not working for evernote. But your answers in this topic just sounds like you are on their payroll.
  6. I'm a software developer using Evernote very often. However there is some missing basic feature: When Evernote allows pictures in the Note and it also offers thumbnails of a picture, it absolutely _basic_ to select _which_ picture is shown as thumbnail. The quote of BurgersNFries: "You don't have to like it, but that's the way it is." and of jefito answer to ThePixelated (analogously) "You dn't know what a basic feature is." are extremely impertinent. When such a basic feature is missing, I expect an answer like: "Oh, you are rigtht. It will be implemenet it in one of the next release." And what I expect also, that this would be implemented on every device.
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