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  1. I had the same issue. I think it is related to a specific pdf file that has a javascript function that calls the print dialog whenever you open it. To solved it I followed this: 1.- Open the file with Foxit Reader...you get "Foxit reader doesn't allow to run Javascript" warning. 2.- Print the PDF file to a new PDF file using "Print ->"Foxit Reader PDF Printer" 3.- Attach the new file to Evernote. Hope this helps.
  2. Yes, it suspiciously came up a couple of weeks after my original post... never compose a song with your window open Anyway, it was good to inspire someone else. I don't really like the implementation but it seems bad to have two web apps that do almost the same.
  3. Hello Evernote community, I love Evernote, but a feature I miss a lot is to show to-do notes in a graphical view. My personal preference is a personal kanban board. As I'm a developer, I made this proof of concept: it's a web app that extracts notes that belong to the "Kanban" notebook and depending on the tag (backlog, this_week, today, done) it distributes the notes across a kanban board.. This is what I have today: Reading notes from my Evernote account Parsing notes to get a brief description, note color, owner and reminder. Do you think it is worth? Would you use it? I'm planning to release a v1.0 with a simple web interface where you can select the notebook, and the columns (tags) to display. Everytime you visit your page the board is redendered from your Evernote account. Best regards JF
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