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  1. I had the same issue. I think it is related to a specific pdf file that has a javascript function that calls the print dialog whenever you open it. To solved it I followed this: 1.- Open the file with Foxit Reader...you get "Foxit reader doesn't allow to run Javascript" warning. 2.- Print the PDF file to a new PDF file using "Print ->"Foxit Reader PDF Printer" 3.- Attach the new file to Evernote. Hope this helps.
  2. Yes, it suspiciously came up a couple of weeks after my original post... never compose a song with your window open Anyway, it was good to inspire someone else. I don't really like the implementation but it seems bad to have two web apps that do almost the same.
  3. Hello Evernote community, I love Evernote, but a feature I miss a lot is to show to-do notes in a graphical view. My personal preference is a personal kanban board. As I'm a developer, I made this proof of concept: it's a web app that extracts notes that belong to the "Kanban" notebook and depending on the tag (backlog, this_week, today, done) it distributes the notes across a kanban board.. This is what I have today: Reading notes from my Evernote account Parsing notes to get a brief description, note color, owner and reminder. Do you think it is worth? Would you use it?
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