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  1. This is a move that is long overdue despite it being controversial. Is my data safe? There are some who have their lives in Evernote and have learned to build up trust in Evernote's handling of their information and many of those same people see Google as an advertising company bent on using "big data" to earn revenue from advertisers. Having Google have access to their data is simply something they cannot stomach. I sympathize, but that should in no way hold Evernote hostage. It is likely this group is a small minority of the paying Evernote userbase and losing them will easily be
  2. You indeed can change these type of things, but with the API and not the note editor at the moment. We're working on a series of templates that will allow for this (eventually with a color picker). All templates will be free to the community, but we need your input on what to develop. Please complete the anonymous survey to help us/you out. http://goo.gl/forms/EAR66f8mCpTHZ6yx1
  3. We're in the processing of developing and distributing free Evernote templates. If you want input into what we're working on, you can complete the brief survey. http://goo.gl/forms/5e1dnyHzNAxayMfd2
  4. @tavor There's a difference, but upon further review, what you asked appears possible. We'll have to devote further research.
  5. @tavor Can't find any way to get new tasks into their system. Would be fun if we could find a way. Their API seems focused on habits, not tasks.
  6. Agreed. Most tasks don't really have true due dates. By only assigning due dates to the ones that do, most will have very few. Even the tasks with true due dates typically have several subtasks without due dates, but that need to be backwards mapped to make the due date happen for the main task.
  7. This is a challenge for most. I tend to write down what I otherwise wouldn't remember or what would clog my brain trying to remember. Sometimes it's worth it to create a task/subtask structure and sometimes I just make notes to the task description. Definitely a good idea to keep pertinent information in your visual frame whether you use filters (e.g. Todoist) or Kanban (e.g. Trello), Having to look at lists that are currently irrelevant or too detailed is often de-motivating. Whatever you can do to FOCUS is key IMHO.
  8. Several great ideas to deal with here. This is true in the abstract, but in practice, I find it wrong. I'll give an example. Say your TM system works as is, but changing it would save you as little as 5 minutes a week. Say it takes 3 hours to master the new system. Breakeven becomes pure math at that point (180/5 = 36 weeks). The payoff begins in less than a year. How long is your professional life. I find the moral of that quote is more about not frequently changing before you realize the benefits of the current system and have some analysis of the benefits of the new system to
  9. This is one of the first believe it or not actual precise feedback I have seen from Evernote team. Congratulations. I'm impressed. The Evenote team has been pretty good to me, but I agree this is probably one of the most straightforward and informative responses I've seen. A suggestion would be to assume many of your users are intelligent and appreciate over-communication to silence. We don't expect you to give us timelines, but believe we can be trusted with a roadmap and specificity of what is currently included in it. No, don't put that stuff in the actual blog post (unless i
  10. We get so many questions about integrating Evernote with task managers, we updated our blog post and added a new infographic.
  11. See our list of supported apps. Trello & KanbanFlow sound closest to your desire, but I agree with the advice to find the right tool and then you can use IFTTT, Zapier or our product - TaskClone, to get the Evernote integration you want.
  12. @Gabe, I may not understand your requirements perfectly, but it seemed from your description that Facilethings from our post 10 Best Task Apps with Evernote Integration would work. Also wondering if you could add the plaintext notelink in Evernote and have that sent over as part of the task to Omnifocus. Then you could use IFTTT or other service to take new Evernote notes get them in as tasks to many services (although not Omnifocus yet). TaskClone works similarly, just for individual todo items.
  13. This is a common problem we faced until we built TaskClone. As far as task app integrations, we posted on the 10 Best Task Apps with Evernote integration. To learn more about how TaskClone solves this concern with integration with 40+ task apps, visit our entry in the Evernote 3rd-party integration forum. You can also check out the 2min video.
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