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  1. This is a move that is long overdue despite it being controversial. Is my data safe? There are some who have their lives in Evernote and have learned to build up trust in Evernote's handling of their information and many of those same people see Google as an advertising company bent on using "big data" to earn revenue from advertisers. Having Google have access to their data is simply something they cannot stomach. I sympathize, but that should in no way hold Evernote hostage. It is likely this group is a small minority of the paying Evernote userbase and losing them will easily be outweighed by the benefits of "Going Google". That's called segmentation and good business strategy. Is Evernote fading away into the GoogleSphere? Who knows. Wouldn't surprise me. However, if Mr. O'Neill is going to keep Evernote independent, he needs to make moves like this that help Evernote focus on their core which is exactly what this move does. I've communicated with the operations team on various occasions and anyone can see that creating and maintaining that kind of infrastructure is a daunting task. Even Google, Amazon and others justified doing so by the ability to make it a standalone business. Is Evernote to get into that distraction too? Far better to outsource what is not core and can be done effectively elsewhere in basically a commodity market. That still doesn't answer the question of whether Evernote will remain independent. I'll let others be the judge, but if Evernote was a public company, I could easily see shareholders arguing for realization of far more value in sale than at current profit growth numbers. That's probably an ongoing conversation in the company and will probably continue even if there is an IPO.
  2. You indeed can change these type of things, but with the API and not the note editor at the moment. We're working on a series of templates that will allow for this (eventually with a color picker). All templates will be free to the community, but we need your input on what to develop. Please complete the anonymous survey to help us/you out. http://goo.gl/forms/EAR66f8mCpTHZ6yx1
  3. We're in the processing of developing and distributing free Evernote templates. If you want input into what we're working on, you can complete the brief survey. http://goo.gl/forms/5e1dnyHzNAxayMfd2
  4. @tavor There's a difference, but upon further review, what you asked appears possible. We'll have to devote further research.
  5. @tavor Can't find any way to get new tasks into their system. Would be fun if we could find a way. Their API seems focused on habits, not tasks.
  6. Agreed. Most tasks don't really have true due dates. By only assigning due dates to the ones that do, most will have very few. Even the tasks with true due dates typically have several subtasks without due dates, but that need to be backwards mapped to make the due date happen for the main task.
  7. This is a challenge for most. I tend to write down what I otherwise wouldn't remember or what would clog my brain trying to remember. Sometimes it's worth it to create a task/subtask structure and sometimes I just make notes to the task description. Definitely a good idea to keep pertinent information in your visual frame whether you use filters (e.g. Todoist) or Kanban (e.g. Trello), Having to look at lists that are currently irrelevant or too detailed is often de-motivating. Whatever you can do to FOCUS is key IMHO.
  8. Several great ideas to deal with here. This is true in the abstract, but in practice, I find it wrong. I'll give an example. Say your TM system works as is, but changing it would save you as little as 5 minutes a week. Say it takes 3 hours to master the new system. Breakeven becomes pure math at that point (180/5 = 36 weeks). The payoff begins in less than a year. How long is your professional life. I find the moral of that quote is more about not frequently changing before you realize the benefits of the current system and have some analysis of the benefits of the new system to actual productivity before committing to a switch. This was our biggest challenge with every TM system until we read Michael Linenberger's Total Workday Control. The book has many good ideas, but the "a ha" for us was due dates suck (title of future blog post). Life in complex organizations means self-imposed due dates always get pushed and prioritization is fluid. We needed to build a process that allows quick re-prioritization and FOCUS so we can accomplish what is needed today. We've been able to build an acceptable system using many task managers; each with its tradeoffs. Daily/Weekly reviews make sure stuff gets shifted appropriately, but such "planning" is incredibly well spent time. It feels like a lot, but 2-3 hrs/week is fine if you intend to measure twice and cut once. We agree. Evernote is a great place to keep data. We find it's not so great a place for action items. Data seems to stay static longer and action items seem to have several fluid aspects to them that make managing them in Evernote more challenging (even with TSW). For us, our action items had changing due dates, priorities and often assignees. We needed a system to deal with this. There were many task managers that addressed these issues, but they all tied to Evernote via the Note Title/Reminders because that's the way the Evernote API works. That's great if each of your tasks is represented as a note, but it doesn't work if you take meeting notes and have several resulting tasks in one note. We created TaskClone to get those tasks out of Evernote and into any of 40+ task apps. Azendoo followed us an integrated this ability with their task app and Swipes followed them and did the same. None of us are perfect, but we address a particular issue of getting your tasks into a proper task management system.
  9. I'm the founder of TaskClone, a service that extracts tasks from Evernote and sends them where you want. We got started because we didn't feel Evernote was a great place to manage tasks even though it's great for capturing them. However, if you're stuck on working within Evernote, our free version takes tasks from any note and aggregates them in a single note. You set a designated tag as the trigger to send the tasks. On our Premium plan can also set up to 5 different notes/categories and send different tasks to different notes based on the trigger tag. There's also The Secret Weapon system and Evernote Ambassador Stacey Harmon has a comprehensive review on How to Manage Tasks with Evernote. Our paid plans also allow you to send tasks to task apps like IQTell, Wunderlist, Todoist and 40+ others. We find that task management workflows are highly individual and evolutionary. Good luck
  10. This is one of the first believe it or not actual precise feedback I have seen from Evernote team. Congratulations. I'm impressed. The Evenote team has been pretty good to me, but I agree this is probably one of the most straightforward and informative responses I've seen. A suggestion would be to assume many of your users are intelligent and appreciate over-communication to silence. We don't expect you to give us timelines, but believe we can be trusted with a roadmap and specificity of what is currently included in it. No, don't put that stuff in the actual blog post (unless it's a technical blog), but when you link to the discussion, add as much detail as you can. Many companies use software to have users vote on ideas and then they tell us what is planned, in progress and completed (See OneNote API team) Sure, we'll complain when our pet feature or bug fix is not listed, but that's just the software business. Most will understand as long as some progress is being made on what you actually committed to. As was stated, trust is built by actions aligning with words. But if the words say nothing of commitment, how do you build the trust back. Just doing good things that don't show you were listening will not be sufficient. It's best if you can connect the dots between feedback and action. We know you have your own agenda and ideas about what is best for the company separate from user feedback, but we're expecting some overlap. Relatedly, it has been absolutely infuriating for many that Evernote can raise that much money and still have customer support worse than most startups. This is not new and it is not about bad people, It's been a multi-year lack of investment. Simple things like off the shelf support software that sends auto-replies and tracks history. The number of threads in the forums that have no replies is astonishing for a company of Evernote's relative wealth. Even if there is no answer, it's respectful to reply. All these things suggest to many that Evernote either doesn't care or doesn't understand. Both are fatal in tech. I admit I have seen signs of improvement on the product and developers side, but there is much room for improvement. It would benefit the company long term to make some sort of transparent commitment in this area. I know doing so is a financial hit in the short term (especially while planning for an IPO), but it would improve the reputation which needs help at this point.
  11. @polocanada, We'll look at CalDav, but our current service uses Google to convert natural language to events. Don't believe CalDav supports this. Regarding Evernote, we can guarantee you that Zapier does not do what TaskClone does. Zapier can turn a note title into a task in Google Tasks. That's useful and I'm sure many people use it. Zapier cannot take a checklist of tasks represented with checkboxes and turn each into a task in Google Tasks. That is what TaskClone does. You can see Zapier's functionality at https://zapier.com/zapbook/evernote/. We use Zapier internally and find it very useful for many things, but not for what we do. If your note has more than one task you want to track being able to create individual tasks should be of benefit. If you want to integrate with Evernote at the note or Reminder level, there are many options. Very different story at the level of individual tasks. You can see our blog post and infographic on the distinction.
  12. We get so many questions about integrating Evernote with task managers, we updated our blog post and added a new infographic.
  13. We think the new PowerApp integrations will be a great step forward once the kinks are addressed. For those who have tasks inside there notes and are less focused on the entire note as a task, you might try TaskClone which works with Evernote checkboxes.
  14. haha. You are correct, we do need to market better. #1 goal for 2015. Spent 2014 focused on getting the service solid and learning from clients. Youtube channel has video for most popular task apps - http://www.youtube.com/user/taskclone Working on video for Omnifocus and Nozbe, but TaskClone works with 40+ apps. Here's our post in 3rd-party apps.
  15. Hopefully I can help with a few questions: You don't need to be an authorized app to process App-links (to local app) or Hyper-links (to EN Web). EN App-links are not like hyperlinks and won't have a title in any system other than Evernote I believeZapier can work to get a filtered group of notes to create tasks in todoist and include a link in the note. IFTTT can probably to do same if you have access to the same API fieldsRTM connects to EN Reminders not notesTaskClone (our app) sends EN tasks (with checkbox) to Todoist and can include due dates, labels and other parameters in Todoist. Hyperlink, local link (soon both) can be added to Todoist taskTodoist has blog post on integrations - http://blog.todoist.com/2014/07/08/6-awesome-apps-and-services-integrated-with-todoist/You should also be aware that support for EN links is not only app specific, but platform specific. They may work on Mac, but not Win of the same app.
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