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  1. This would make taking notes one hundred times easier when reading a book and I only have my phone to take pictures.
  2. Hello, In my humble opinion, I feel that the task functionality in Evernote is it's Achilles heel. Yes, you can hack the reminder functionality to get the job done in various ways but it's not enjoyable to use and created additional steps. I would like to see a dedicated Task section in Evernote. In this section, you can choose these tasks to also show in various notebooks and tag them accordingly if you are inclined to do so. When the task is completed, it goes into an archived or completed list from the task management section. These tasks would simply be removed from the other Notebooks and Tags (if you attributed the task to other areas). I think keeping the feature as simple as possible is important but Evernote really needs to have better functionality in this area. I don't know how many users are like me but I would prefer to use Evernote only and not have to use a separate task manager.
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