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  1. For me, it would be more of a nice to have. I can create a project note in Evernote, and then add my related Todoist project within that note. This way I can keep all of my tasks in Todoist, but still keep track of them from Evernote within the specific note I have added the 'container.' One issue that comes to mind for this request, is that there are a ton of task management apps out there, and probably everyone is using something different. I'm going to check out TaskClone, and see what that is about, it sounds interesting, thank you for sharing.
  2. I would really like to have a basic integration with Todoist. For some notes, I'd like to add a Todoist container that has all of the tasks related to a specific project. I envision the integration will include: Add ability to include a specific task within a note Be able to include an entire project of tasks within a note Ability to complete tasks that are located within container Filter by Status Add a new task Apologies in advance if this or something of greater scope has already been suggested (like integrating with different task management apps).
  3. I'm still holding on for the day the feature becomes available. I guess I'll be using workarounds in the meantime.
  4. This would make taking notes one hundred times easier when reading a book and I only have my phone to take pictures.
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