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  1. Finally worked on this more.... I just dragged 238 fonts to the "web fonts" in the font book, restarted evernote and worked perfectly! So if there is anyone else that is looking to have access to more fonts from the drop down - this is a good option until evernote ever adds the option.
  2. Was unaware of this option. Very helpful for now. Thanks!
  3. Ah! Sorry. The most helpful platform would be on the computer (Mac) as that is where all my fonts are stored. But I am assuming that if this feature was added it wouldn't matter if a Mac, Windows, or other OS was being used.
  4. I love using evernote. I do not use any other word processing program. I use it for everything on my computer, phone, and tablet. I've been hoping for a feature for the past few years, but still hasn't, so I thought I would put in a request for it. Instead of having to right click to "show fonts" maybe we can have all of the fonts in your computer available right from the drop down at the top where all the options for the formatting are. I constantly have to change fonts and it is nice to be able to preview them before. Right clicking to get to my 1000+ fonts is very inconvenient.
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