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  1. This is good news. Sadly I'm not using Evernote enough to recognise these kinds of bug fixes. I have had to fall back to Keep in order to have a bit more confidence that my data is safe.
  2. You might be going mad Ou used to be able to choose from some pre-defined paragraph(?) styles: Title, Paragraph, Blockquote and maybe one other. That was a long time ago though. Before v.7.0. Since then there were no font size options. iOS apps would show and copy paste different font sizes correctly from desktop apps, but you couldn't introduce them into a note natively from iOS. As @DTLow pointed out font size options have been added in the latest App Store version.
  3. I think that the control I mentioned and the one that you have tried are different things. I just made a screencast of how to use the one I am talking about. When I use that the text size changes on all my devices (iOS and macOS) and on the web app.
  4. This is an interesting development for Evernote. I read (not so long ago) about how Dropbox migrated their data storage out of Amazon into their own data storage that they built from scratch. Interesting that different companies have moved in opposite directions and both for very good reasons. I am excited to see what the future holds for Evernote. Evernote + Google both great companies. Whilst not a merger, this is a "marriage" made in heaven. Perhaps we will shortly see some more advances made with the labs apps?
  5. The bug when I take an individual note full screen and the main Evernote window goes black - and cannot be recovered without quitting the app - is still present. I contacted support about this a while back and they said it was a known issue. Any idea when it will go from a known issue to a fixed issue?
  6. ditto that. When right clicking a note in notes list and selecting "Open Note in New Tab" I am expecting to get a full screen view of that note, instead I get all the sidebar, main toolbar and notes list. Cannot see the point of it.
  7. If someone wanted a larger font size purely for better legibility (understandable) why not create a template note on the Windows/Mac version with some placeholder text at the desired font size. Add that note as a Shortcut. Then whenever you are creating a new note on iOS just duplicate that template and write over the placeholder text which should have the desired font size. It's not a full solution but it alleviates one problem that users are facing. Here is a link to such a note which includes two different font size options: Template
  8. I wouldn't class that as the same thing as "changing font size" which implies that multiple font sizes are available in the same note.
  9. I agree that EN should support font size changes on iOS. Apple notes however does not support font size changes. They do offer some basic paragraph formatting options (headers and billeted lists) but you cannot change font size. I am doubtful whether "many other" note taking apps support font size changes. For example, Drafts doesn't, and the much lauded newcomer Bear doesn't. I know Noteability does and it's likely that OneNote does but haven't used recently.
  10. If you want to export Evernote notes to PDF whilst on iOS you can do it with the Print Centre in iOS 10. This video will show you how:
  11. That's a good idea @EverTed. It is clunky but better than nothing for when you're in a tight spot. Used to do this with symbols until I realised I could use text shortcuts to type them. Pity text shortcuts don't hold formatting settings!
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