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  1. I started experiencing the exact same problem this morning. Narrowed the problem down to the Evernote Web Clipper. Toggling the web clipper addon off and on works around the issue, but this is really a bother. Anyone else seeing this behavior?
  2. Having similar problems with Web Clipper for Chrome on Windows 10. Some preference selections don't seem to work correctly. "Show Evernote content related to my web searches" continues to show even though I uncheck the option.
  3. My Evernote Web in Chrome is now working normally. So far so good.
  4. I am experiencing the same problem, but I did come up with a work around of sorts. Since only the Notebooks display is messed up, I added all the notebooks I use regularly as Shortcuts. This lets me access the notebooks I need without using the broken Notebooks display. So far this seems to be working, but it might be cumbersome if someone has a lot of notebooks on their Shortcuts list. Hope this is helpful.
  5. I did indeed report the issue to support but have not received any kind of response from them yet. Since more and more users are referencing this problem in the help forums, it doesn't seem like this is an isolated issue. Hopefully a fix will be forthcoming soon.
  6. I began experiencing the same problem in my Chrome browser just this morning. The behavior began after I updated Chrome to Version 56. I am not seeing this issue in my Firefox browser.
  7. Actually, Apple Notes does support Dynamic Type which allows you to set a preferred font size.
  8. Awesome, thanks for the screenshots! On the iPad mini, the default font is very small. Things look a bit better with the 9.7" size. Much appreciated.
  9. Please add the ability to change default font size on iOS. Evernote has an amazing ecosystem built around excellent desktop clients, a great web interface, and reliable synchronization. However, things really fall apart when trying to work with notes on an iOS device. In many cases, especially on an iPad Mini, the default font is just too small for practical use. The iOS platform represents a significant number of mobile users. Why hasn't such an important feature been implemented? Looking through the forums, I can see that this very same request has been raised repeatedly for years without being addressed appropriately by the Evernote team. Respectfully, font legibility is such a core feature and is so essential for the use of the application that it should be given development priority over other less critical features.
  10. I will also lend my support to changing font size in iOS as a feature request. It's so surprising that this has not been implemented already since OneNote, Apple Notes, and many other apps support this on iOS. Clearly the Evernote iOS client has no trouble "displaying" different font sizes. Any size adjustments made in either the Evernote desktop client or the web client show up just fine when viewed in iOS. It seems like poor prioritization when developers continue to work on adding more and more new features, but overlook a such core function like font display - which should be a keystone element for any good notes application.
  11. I'm considering retiring my laptop computer in favor of either the 12.7" or 9.7" iPad Pro. I have a big concern about how Evernote is going to look on these devices as the default font size on my iPad mini (iOS 10) is way too small and cannot be adjusted. Does anyone have a screenshot of how Evernote looks on iOS with the larger screen sizes? Thanks much.
  12. Evernote on iOS desperately needs the option of adjusting the default font size. While the web and desktop versions are great, I use Evernote on an iPad Mini as my mobile device and the default font there is ludicrously small - to the point of making the app unusable. I know this has been an ongoing request from the user community for years and I'm somewhat baffled that such a fundamental usability issue hasn't been addressed already. I love Evernote as a service and am a paid subscriber, but this single issue would be enough for me to seriously consider not renewing. My hope is that default font size might get some attention if enough users chime in about it, hence my post.
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