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  1. haven't read the whole thread. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for bringing back the menu-item for deleting a note (you now call it "move to recycle bin") so you just have to press "alt"+"n">"e">"e" (it seems complicated, but its fastern then moving your hand to the mouse) If you could show this option in the "open note in a new window" - menu, too, that would be really great (it's absent there)
  2. thanks for bringing tha up again @sylvain rodrigue I have to use the webclient more ofte, because I'm working from linux. it drives me crazy that I have to click on the buttong, have to wait for the site to load.... yes, you could make a bookmark but why? (besides - i work from multiple Devices... ) I ask myself why sometimes my reaction to this is so emotional ... hm, because its so obvious, thats why, and because I was trapped into the signup form to often - and when you are in a hurry thats really buggin... Is it too difficult to place a small login form at the upper right oder just create a url to the "terribly-to-type" home.action-Url? like login.en.com or home.evernote.com
  3. Thank you for posting these useful tips. F4 ... great idea! Question: i switch to a notebook via [alt]+[1] and then want to rename the notebook. So i have to klick in the left sidebar and search the notebook, but unfortunately it is a stacked one and (when i dont know where i stacked it or accidentally moved it) i would have to expand all stacks to find it and rename it. in the past i would have changed the view to "all notebooks". How can i do it now. Maybe add a "jump to notebook"-entry to the rightklick-menu on the notebook-field of the note (same for Tags). Or do i miss something? Thanks
  4. Nice!! I really like [alt]+[1]/[2] ! and all the other color-features and ... greatness : ) And you brought the shortcut for the note-info field back ( [ctrl]+[shift]+ ["i"] ) thats great (could you place it somewhere easier, like [ctrl]+[F8]?? and than maybe highlight the first letters of the propertys - so i can press [ctrl]-[f8] and then ["u"] to directly type or paste in the url-field ... yeah i know... ; ) - update: but one can [tab]-through the pop-up list) What i happily saw: if you press [alt] and a letter, the menu remains open - example: i want a classic link without clicking -> i type [alt]+[n] and then [e] - now the "create evernote link" entry is highlighted and i have to options: enter for a web-link OR [ctrl]+[enter] for a classic link. Thats flexible and handy. (hm, but the "delete note" entry still missing and) Thanks for that update!
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