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  1. I've had a subscription with Evernote since May 2008. Recently I've come across hard times and had to drop the subscriptions to both my work and home account. I love Evernote and won't stop using it. It has more features than any note taking application that I've come across and I've tried multiple programs including self hosted. Nothing even comes close. <rant> With that being said, when I moved to the basic version, I didn't expect to be bombarded with prompts to upgrade as much as I've been since dropping my subscription. Every time I open it, I'm getting some prompt to upgrade my account. I've told the application multiple times that I'm using the basic version but I keep getting prompts to upgrade. I understand this company needs to have revenue in order to keep up the great work they do but I'd appreciate it if you'd calm down on the reminders to upgrade. They are excessive and annoying. I plan to upgrade but to keep reminding me to do so every time I open do anything in the application is a bit much. If you are going to offer the app with a free version, then you shouldn't be harrassed as much as it is doing now. </rant> short version: Love Evernote but the excessive upgrade reminders are beyond annoying. Thanks for listening!
  2. Yes, you are right, it's a notebook. Going off what everyone was suggesting, I cleared my Trash and resynced. I ended up using under a megabyte: Still getting the same message when trying to delete the empty notebook. Thank you!
  3. I've recently dropped the premium version of Evernote after using it since 2008 so this is my first go around with the limitations. Forgive me if I sound ignorant but how does deleting an empty folder put me over the limit? I'm no where near my limit, as you can see: The folder is empty but I still required to upgrade to delete it. I'm sure I understand why that is the case. Thanks for the assistance!
  4. I have a handful of attachments that I need to add to a tag. I was wondering if there is a way to drag all of these attachments at one time to the tag and have it create a note for each attachment instead of all on one note. Is that possible? Thanks!
  5. Saying they will encrypt the data at rest ... but still have access to it? Still speculation and no clarification from Evernote. Anyhow, this is my last post. I've made my decision. Enjoy.
  6. Plainly this. If Evernote is listening, this is my primary concern. If you are going to give generalizations and not commit to encrypting my data, just tell me now and I'll be on my way.
  7. It's a good step forward but I see a lot of generalizations about our data. I'm not sure what this means, it's a little too generalized. Yay us? This is a good change! I hope they work well with the community. Pretty much, all I want to know is my data only accessible by me? Who can get in to it? Can someone at Evernote, reach my data? So yes, at some level, they can still get to my data without my intervention. Regardless of this ***** about the strict controls, my data is accessible by Evernote, at some level.
  8. I've started transitioning over to EssentialPIM. I've had a license for it for some time. I agree with you Jinqs, there seems to be a disconnect. I've not seen any real discussion about encrypting the data, only that they will not implement the change to their privacy policy and that they will adjust their current policy. So, from this, I wanted to say I could give a rats ass about this machine learning technology. I think at this point, it would be better if they just didn't mention this farce anymore, it ticks people off too much knowing that what they could do with it. Also, seems the only thing to do with privacy is that they are going to make a few changes to the privacy policy. Woop-tee-doo. Just keep off my data. This one bothers me even more. Hey, your data is out there, UNECRYPTED, but we promise no one will look at it, really, we promise!! Oh, and btw, we have this technology specifically made to snoop around your data to offer you better things!! We promise we don't have that turned on either. Yeah, ok,
  9. I'd have to agree with OP. I've used Evernote since May 2008 and I thought it was encrypted on their end where no one could read my data. I thought the encryption was from client to server and back, only unencrypted at the end user. I do store personal information on Evernote because I thought I was on only person who could read it. Hell, how do I know some mischievous employee isn't browsing people's information? Maybe 'he' hasn't gotten to mine yet... The fact that they can is what bothers me. Now that I know this, I'm in the process of moving. No one at EN will read my data without my consent? Um.. prove it, encrypt my data. Without it being encrypted where only I have access to it will I trust having my data with EN anymore. Don't get me wrong, I love EN. I've used them for 8+ years. It pains me to move since I have a lot of ***** on there and I rely on it daily. But knowing this, I can't justify keeping that information on EN. Let me add, I won't be going to OneNote though...
  10. I visited this forum just for this! This is great news!
  11. First thing I checked out, which is the most important feature for me, was the email (and Evernote integration with email). I didn't see an option for inserting an image inline in the body of an email. If I overlooked it, great! If not, then that would be a killer for me since we send out a lot of instructions via email with print screen. Any input on this? Also, I noticed you can set the font color on a signature but you cannot set it on the body of the email. Was there another way to handle this? Thanks! TG
  12. I've used Evernote for since 2008 and I've not had problems with receiving emails that I sent to Evernote until recently. I checked online for the notes that I emailed in case it was my Windows client and they are not there either. I have tested from multiple email addresses, including the email address on my Evernote account. I've sent emails to it for the past month and not received one. I changed my Evernote email address to see if that resolved it and no luck. I'm not getting any emails back saying they are rejected. I am a Premium member also. Any suggestions?
  13. I found another topic where they said to reestablish the database. Going to give that a shot.
  14. Don't get me wrong, I love Evernote and it has been a major part of my life since I started using it but I'm just having too many issues with the Windows version. 1. It is constantly freezing or "not responding" and slowing me down considerably. I've posted about this but got nowhere with it. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/86976-not-responding/ 2. I have been running in to a new issue, which is even more frustrating then the above, when I click on a tag the note window is completely blank. It doesn't matter if I have 1 note or 200, I cannot get it to show me the contents until I restart the Evernote. I use Evernote for work and personal so I rely on it heavily but it's just not reliable. I've already started moving my contact information to a contact database since that is better suited for them. This leaves the rest of my information, which is still a lot. I don't want to move but Evernote is forcing my hand. Any suggestions?
  15. This happens to me on pretty much anything I do. I can click on a note or even add a note and it freezes up. I really hope there is a fix to this, I use it too much to have these problems.
  16. I've been a user since May 2008 and I live on Evernote. I love it but recently, the Evernote Windows version is freezing up on me, constantly. I have just over 6500 notes, 4 notebooks, and a ***** ton of tags. I am currently using version (276352). I just recently moved to the prerelease versions to see if that solved my problem. I run Evernote from a virtual desktop on W2012R2. I use it so much that I created a new virtual desktop and install the application on a fresh Windows build. I had the problem on the previous installation and it is still constantly giving me the not responding message on the new install. This is happening on the remote desktop that I've used for a few years and the newly installed desktop. I do not think uninstalling and reinstalling is the solution since this is a fresh installation. Fresh as in the last week. I even tried using the beta versions to see if that resolves my problems. It's getting to the point that it's freezing up so much that it is interfering with my work. Anyone have any suggestions on what I can check or how to debug this issue?
  17. Thanks for the tip. I checked the web client and the folder was not listed there. I also checked my Note3 and still no luck. Not sure where else to look.
  18. I don't think my grammar is correct in the title... o.O
  19. I've used Evernote forever and I love it. I have run into an issue that I've not run into before as you can see from this print screen: I was going to delete the Conflicting Notes folder since it seemed emtpy. It tells me differently when I go to delete it. I do not see the 2 notes that it tells me it is about to delete. I'd like to ditch this folder if it is indeed empty... but is it? Where are the two notes if it is not? Any ideas?
  20. This is what I did, if it helps any, this will at least start your tags. So... Create all of the tags that you have notebooks for and then start tagging everything. Don't delete any of your notebooks until you get everything tagged. Don't delete any notebooks until you have moved the notebooks in the later steps. Go into each notebook and select them all and create a tag for them. I named them the same thing that the notebook was named. After I have everything tagged, I created three notebooks. _uncategorizzed Personal Work I then moved the notes to the appropriate notebook. Yes, all of them as 1 lump sum into the notebook. I have about 2k notes in the two latter notebooks. I use _uncategorized as the default notebook so if I add one, it goes there by default. That way I know to move them to the appropriate category and tag. I then deleted the other 100 notebooks that I had, which should be empty now. That pretty much sums it up. Hope it helps.
  21. I'm not sure I understand. I'm adding this through the windows application. The internet should have no play as it's not showing up locally when I'm adding it locally.
  22. I usually drag items from my desktop to my Evernote tag since it is easier then just adding them outright. I did this this morning and run into a problem. I added 4 csv files, 1 by 1, to a tag. Only 2 showed up. Beside the tag, it showed 4 items but only two showed up. I went to all notes and I couldn't find the missing two. So, I drug the missing two back to the tag again and now it's showing 6 and only 1 added. Keep in mind, I'm doing this 1 file at a time to the tag. Here is what it looks like: I am on version (268917). This is the first time I've noticed it but I really haven't payed much attention to it so I don't know if this is ongoing. I synced to see if they would show up and that did nothing that I saw to make any difference. Any suggestions?
  23. A new limit there that I did not know about (the "unlimited" line is from Evernote Business, which has note limits of 500,000 per user)! The problem with the "unlimited" statement is that a single account is not unlimited, and I think it implies this. Let's assume that it means unlimited per "person" instead. When I peak at 100,000 notes and switch to a new account, I run into a problem: the original account will become Free and I will be unable to add any data to the notes in that account. When I get to the third account, then I run into another problem. You can switch between as many Premium accounts as you want, but you can only have one Free account remembered in the app. If you want to switch between more than one Free account, you have to enter your login details each time. Now, the system is looking a lot less "unlimited," isn't it Of course, all of this is hypothetical for most users at the moment. At my current rate of note accumulation, it will be at least another decade before I hit 100,000, and by then we'll all be zombies anyhow. Still, semantics or not, "unlimited" is probably not the best phrase to use. I wouldn't call it a falsehood, or even misleading, but certainly poorly worded, and at best unclear. I would suggest rephrasing it to stress the important point: once you put something into Evernote, you never have to worry about losing it, or deleting it, even if you later change to a Free account, because Evernote only counts the upload amount, not the amount stored. I agree. It was misleading to me until I read the limitations... so limits. On a side note, if only we could store our canned food in Evernote for the Zompocolypse. I'd go business then!! You could share your resources and zombie notes with all your 'clan'. Everzombie!!!!!!! Get on it Evernote!!!
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