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  1. IMO, the problem was with the CEO (Ran Flan) himself, and his attitude and dealing toward his user base. If you were to truly take a look around, you'll find that he continually scoffed at enhancement requests, and often ridiculed paying customers who provided the feedback he claimed to solicit. Of course if you looked at their online community you would get a different vibe. The reason is he would literally delete constructive feedback and ban the member who posted it. Truly a surreal experience seeing fellow users fearful of providing feedback on a community forum set up for such, simply due to the CEO being thin-skinned and constantly showing a lack of professionalism. Simply goes to show you, no matter how progressive an application is, if you refuse to give your users any say in its roadmap, you are doomed to close your doors. FWIW, I ate my losses with IQTell once I realized the type of operation it was and transitioned to Tick Tick. Haven't looked back since.
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