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  1. Hey @Shane D., @Hector C., and others who interact with us beta testers, We appreciate the efforts that Evernote has taken and continues to take to improve the product. We recognize that things are moving along better than they have in the past. But, frankly, when it comes to the Android app anyways, I don't need all these improvements that you're working on. What I need is these critical bugs fixed. I mean, these are really rather obnoxious defects that I'm sure are bothering all users of the app. The biggest ones that are really rather frustrating for me personally are:
  2. I think this issue has been resolved in the beta version of the Android app. Links now remain as simple links.
  3. I think this issue has been resolved in the beta version of the Android app. Links now remain as simple links.
  4. Thanks gazumped. I only brought it up here because I noticed on the Android beta that the results are not scrambled. I'll submit a support ticket
  5. When I use the Web Client version of Evernote and I search for a particular term, the results show up with the note titles all scrambled. Please see attached example. I searched for the term "Bellam" and received the attached results. But notice that while the title of the first note is actually "FW: Island Healthcare Management Product Meeting w/ Bellam - AGENDA ATTACHED", what shows up in the results listing is a scrambled version of that title. Here is the actual title of the 5 notes in my attached example: FW: Island Healthcare Management Product Meeting w/ Bellam - AGENDA ATT
  6. Great news! I just got the Android beta and it has the ability to add and edit hyperlinks.
  7. So I just played around a little and found a workaround, albeit we shouldn't have to do this. When I first insert a link (to a Google drive doc) in Evernote on Android, Evernote auto-converts the link text to be the Google Drive document name and puts the Google drive icon in front of that text. If I then immediately touch the undo arrow it remains a link (thank goodness) but removes the Google Drive icon and reverts back to the URL text that I had pasted. I can then place my cursor inside the URL text and change the text to be whatever I want it to be. I tested leaving the note and coming b
  8. This appears to be new behavior on Android. I agree it is very annoying. I routinely insert a Google Drive link into an Evernote note, then subsequent change the link text to be something specific for my document. However, after exiting the note and then opening it up again I find that Evernote has *automatically* changed that link text back to the name of the Google Drive document and also inserts the little Google Drive icon before it. This really makes a note look messy when I have lots of links interspersed in the note that are linking to Google drive documents. I just want the original
  9. @John Metz's solution works wonderfully on the Android app as long as you paste the text *within* the URL vs *before* (step 5).
  10. As for moving the cursor around in Android, I use the Gboard keyboard and I use the gesture of sliding my thumb left-to-right or right-to-left along the spacebar to move the cursor. So I'll just click (touch) to place the cursor right before the beginning of the URL, then I'll glide to the right along the spacebar to move the cursor to be within the URL
  11. John, I'm going to slightly adjust your instructions - this works for me on the Android app: 1. Copy/Paste your destination URL in Evernote (e.g. https://evernote.com/blog/) 2. Press enter, if needed, to turn the text that you entered into an actual link 3. Touch on some text somewhere outside of the link that you just created such that you get a cursor 4. Then touch and hold on that cursor and move it to where it is now inside the link somewhere 5. Type your link text description (e.g. Evernote Blog) 6. Finally, delete the characters from the original URL text in
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