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  1. Very simply (in EverNote Android, and when using Gboard keyboard) 1) Highlighting x number of characters, and then touching the backspace key deletes not only those x characters but also the next x characters as well. For example: If I highlight 3 characters, and touch the backspace key, it not only deletes those 3 characters but the next 3 characters as well. If I highlight 5 characters and touch the backspace key it not only deletes those 5 characters but the next 5 characters as well. 2) If you have a numbered list or bulleted list of items, and you place the cursor at the beginning of the first item in that numbered or bulleted list, and you touch the backspace key, it deletes the entire first numbered or bulleted item and then moves the second numbered or bulleted item to the end of the previous text above the list of items. For example: Fourscore and seven years ago 1) Item 1 2) Item 2 3) Item 3 If I place my cursor to the left of the "I" At the beginning of "Item 1" and then touch the backspace key, it results in the following: Fourscore and seven years agoItem 2 3) Item 3 As you can see, it completely deletes "Item 1" entirely and it moves "Item 2" to the end of the "four score and seven years ago" text 3) Highlighting any text and then touching the shift key is supposed to cycle through the three case scenarios for that text - A) all lower case, capitalized first character and then lower case everything else, and C) upper case everything. (Try this in any other app besides Evernote and using Gboard and you'll see what I mean). Instead, highlighting any text and then touching the shift key deletes that text. These issues are significant because, without the user realizing it, EverNote has deleted text that they didn't intend to delete. And user most likely will not even notice that text has been deleted.
  2. Ok. Bug or not, I disagree with their "decision" (if that's what it was). If I want to close the app and go to the home screen I'll press the home button. I should be able to go back one screen by pressing the back button. The back button shouldn't do the same thing as the home button
  3. As a user of Evernote for several years, I can tell you that this change in behavior is *new*. So, whether it's by design or not, it's a change from how it has behaved for several years. That to me is a bug. I expect the back button to go back to the previous state, not exit the application completely. And that's how it has behaved for years and only recently changed.
  4. And I just tested this again and I'm still having the issue. I use Gboard.
  5. It's been so long that I've essentially forgotten that that was a (much loved) feature that I really enjoyed. I've had to stop using that feature everywhere because of this bug in Evernote. While I've enjoyed *some* of the new features in Evernote, mostly the home page, it baffles me that Evernote continues to ignore the many notable bugs around basic text input, such as this one. It really puts one off of the app. I'm pretty embedded with the app so it's hard to go anywhere else, but I use it kicking and screaming and uttering all kinds of expletives in the process. It certainly is not an elegant experience and does not spark joy. I don't advocate for it anymore to others. It's just too buggy.
  6. @Hector C.and others, I have a new editor bug for you. (I'm using Evernote Android 10.10 Build 1113552) To reproduce: 1) Begin a new bullet point list or start in an existing one 2) Touch <Enter> at the end of a bullet point to begin a new bullet point item 3) Swype (using GBoard) a word that is at least 2 characters long You'll note that the cursor lands 1 character to the left of the right-most character in the new word that you just entered. P.s. please let me know if I'm supposed to be reporting bugs like this in some other fashion
  7. Yup. I've also lost Home and probably the other beta features. 10.7.2 build 1112038
  8. What version of Evernote are you on? I'm on the betas everywhere so I don't know if this is a beta feature or if this is in the latest public release, but the version of Evernote that I have (both Android and Windows) allows me to specify whether I want the link to be expanded (aka "preview") or if I just want it to be a link. I remember that this was a problem at one time for me but it's been fixed for quite some time now.
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