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  1. Thanks for the info -- Yeah, like I asked in the original post: "If this is a feature, where do I switch it on and off?" I don't have a problem with it being a feature, but if it's a feature that overrides your phone's normal functions, then it should have an on-off switch, absolutely. Especially if it has the potential to be an accidental huge battery-drainer.
  2. The same reason you'd want your phone to automatically shut off the screen after a while in any other app. I don't see why Evernote should be an exception, unless of course you turn on a setting where you ask it to stay lit. @jefito Weird! So our phones are doing different things... I hope I'm not the only one this is happening to, and that someone can help me out.
  3. When I have a Note open on-screen on Evernote Android, the normal settings of my android for the phone screen shutting off/going black, are overwritten. The screen stays on indefinitely. (I've tested it while plugged into a charging cable, and when not plugged in, and it happens in both instances.) If this is a bug, what can I do about it? If this is a feature, where do I switch it on and off?
  4. @Dave-in-Decatur If you read the second and third posts in this thread, you will see that I have already been filled in on this, and I have corrected/changed my support request accordingly.
  5. I appreciate your concern about what my problem was that brought me to your support page in the first place. But to be honest, that problem is minor*, compared to the fact that Evernote's support page gives misleading/impossible directions to every Basic customer who goes to the support page. That is a huge problem, and needs priority. And that is what I opened this thread to address. *(and would fit better in a different topic/thread)
  6. They responded on Twitter, but they just gave a non-answer. Basically they told me to go to discussion.evernote.com (here) or help.evernote.com (which is the very place I was having this problem). Not helpful. I don't think I'm going to get anywhere with this.
  7. It's ridiculous that Evernote support outright gives me directions to submit a ticket if I'm unable to do so, as I'm not a premium user. How I want this resolved: Evernote, please rewrite your directions in https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. In your directions, provide options of what the user should do next to address their problem. e.g. "If you are a Premium user..." and "If you are a Basic user..." @gazumped Thanks for letting me know about their twitter, I'm going to see if they'll respond to me on there.
  8. Which service: I am using Evernote's Support webpage. What I was trying to do: I was trying to submit an online help request to Evernote. The problem in detail: When I am on Evernote's Support webpage, and I am filling out their form to submit a help request, these are the instructions I receive: https://i.imgur.com/VOWQWsu.png "Please submit a ticket," it reads. But the body of the text ends there. There is no link to create a ticket, anywhere on this webpage, and possibly not even on this website. I thought that I *was* in the place where I was submitting a ticket. But there is no text box for me to type my ticket up, and no link directing me to where to submit a ticket. So I cannot follow the directions. Therefore I think the website is "broken," since I cannot take the next step that the directions tell me to take. Tried anything else?: I've tried choosing many different options in the dropdown boxes and they all lead to this bug. How I want this resolved: I want this to be resolved by fixing that part of the website so I am able to type my problem into a ticket submission, and submit that ticket, where it would be emailed to the support team.
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