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  1. I get you can continue typing - but: 1) the pop-up gets in the way and appears in front of the text I'm trying to type: This appears to only happen when you are zoomed in or out one step (which is how I like it as the default font is too big for me) - so that's clearly bad coding / a bug as they've not considered that case and are displaying the pop up in the wrong place - as it appears ok when you aren't zoomed - so this is presumably how it is supposed to look: ...which isn't quite as intrusive - so if you could at least fix that please Evernote - but I'd still like the option to turn the pop-up off as it's no use to me - just annoying and unnecessary. 2) You can only continue typing and ignore it if you don't press enter....if you press enter then you're going to invoke the function which whatever random characters you pressed are associated with. eg. I've just ended up with a 'New linked note' when trying to continue typing - which I didn't want....and then found another bug where the "press back to go back" prompt that it gives you in the new note doesn't work as the back is greyed out...so you can't even get back to the original note that you never intended to leave in the first place without going and searching for it again.... very annoying!
  2. I agree - this is really annoying! A feature than nobody asked for! I would like to see an option to turn that off - or include it in the Keyboard Shortcuts (Ctrl+/) sidebar so we can edit / disable the keyboard shortcuts. Also just a note on how bad the coding is here - if you press Ctrl+/ to bring up the keyboard shortcuts sidebar, it also opens the shortcut menu too!
  3. Great - thanks - good tip! Still messy and not what we should be doing though. Evernote should support indenting photos natively since it's capable of moving them around in bulleted lists so it can display them!
  4. Bullet lists helps a little - in that you can actually make an image move to the right. But it's horribly messy...once your image is pasted in you can't then change the level of indentation via the indent button or tab key like you can with text as once you select the individual image (you can't select the list item or the whole line in the item) the indent button gets greyed out - unless you select the entire list and some text around it and then press indent button - but that only works for an entire list then. You *can* drag the image back to the left to remove the indent - but you then can't re-indent it - you have to delete the image and paste it in again on a new bullet list... All a bit messy/inconsistent and shouldn't need a workaround anyway. To compare - indenting images works without any issues in OneNote. Tables don't help for me as you can't indent them at all. You can add your images to the second column but I want to indent my image along with the text around it really.
  5. Yes I know it loses formatting from the text that was copied - ie. if I copied from somewhere which did have indentation - if I pasted it to Windows Notepad to remove the formatting so it was literally just the plain text, or used PowerToys Paste as Plain Text - then I know what I paste will just be plain text. But when Evernote gets that plain text, then I'd expect it to be pasted into where the cursor is - i.e. indented - just as if I had typed that same text manually. But it's the inconsistency with pasting formatted text too. Paste the same thing with formatting - works ok (but I don't want a different font etc which is why I wanted to paste as plain text). But use Paste as Plain Text to paste the same text (minus the formatting), then Evernote removes my indentation before pasting it.
  6. Evernote on Windows 11: 10.63.4-win-ddl-public (20231006121931) Editor: v176.13.0 Service: v1.75.5 Also same on Android Evernote app.
  7. Indentation is lost when pasting plain text. Text does not paste at current indentation level - but instead the current indentation / tabs are removed and the text is pasted at the far left. Pasting text with formatting does not have the same problem - that stays at the current indentation. Example of pasting plain text vs non-plain text with Ctrl+V shown in screenshot below:
  8. Just found another post (I did search before but didn't come up in the forums searching for "image AND indent"...) - but in the Mac forum: image cannot be indented - https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/130948-image-cannot-be-indented/
  9. I would like to be able to indent photos just like you can with text. I use indenting quite a bit. I use headings (I would like 'proper' headings - see the other feature requests from everyone) a lot and then indent all the text under that heading. So when I add a photo I want it to indent along with the text. At the moment the photo sticks to the left so ruins the whole heading/indenting. I also use OneNote which does allow you to indent images.
  10. The option to disable 'Strikethrough completed checklist items' is great and that fixes half of the issues for me - I don't need my checklists striking through if they are already ticked off as I usually want to see clearly what the checklist item was still (otherwise I would just delete it) and striking through doesn't help that, and doesn't add anything for me. So that's good. And having Checkboxes as a separate option still is good - I sometimes want just a checkbox that I can tick that I don't want in a list - for example I want a checkbox in the middle of a line, not right at the start, or I want more than one checkbox in a single line where I've got multiple tasks I want to tick off. One example use is a list of greetings cards - one checkbox to show I've bought a card and a second to tick off when I've sent it. But I still think the way that Checkboxes are turned into Checklists when you press Enter is still wrong. I intentionally added a Checkbox - so I don't want that turning into a Checklist - otherwise I would have chosen a Checklist from the start. I would like that to stop - or at least add an option to choose not to do that if some people do really use this strange 'feature'. I know I can add a space before the Checkbox to stop it turning into a Checklist when I press enter, but that's not exactly good UI design when pressing Enter sometimes does something but other times doesn't.
  11. Yep confirmed - seems to be fixed in 10.51.2. Can't even see any release notes for 10.51.2 but guessing they fixed it in that version.
  12. Are we really still waiting for this fix > 1 month after it was reported? Pretty poor that this got through testing before it was released anyway ("Test 1: Open note - look at it - is anything odd?") ...and I know software updates need to be planned very carefully... ...but to take over a month to release a fix to - and leave every Evernote user manically scrolling backwards in Every. Single. Note they open before they can do anything seems really really bad and a sure-fire way to annoy all your paying customers. Has anyone heard anything from Evernote as to when this will be fixed?
  13. It would still be useful for Evernote to provide this - but I found an non-Evernote solution for this for Android using Texpand app: Texpand: Text Expander - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.isaiasmatewos.texpand Allows basic date insert for free and then can pay for additional functionality. Alternatively add an shortcut to your Gboard personal dictionary (but not dynamic date so would need to be updated - or use eg. "0x/06/2023" template) - https://www.computerworld.com/article/3048523/gboard-android-typing-shortcuts.html Or just pin the current date (or a template) to the Gboard clipboard
  14. Agree with this. I would like to be able to customise the date format for the insert date keyboard shortcut. Insert date: Alt + Shift + D -> inserts date in "9 June 2023" format. I would like to use eg. "09/06/2023" format instead. Not sure if Evernote app is following the Windows Regional format or not - but my Windows 11 is set to: Short date: 09/06/2023 Long date: 09 June 2023 ..so Evernote must be choosing the Long date if it is following the system settings. I'd like it to use the short date - or at least give me the option to choose. Ideally I'd like Evernote to allow a custom format including additional characters using string substitution - eg. letting me specify eg. "dd/mm/yyyy: " to get "09/06/2023: " I would also like to be able to customise the keyboard shortcuts as these are inconsistent with Windows (Microsoft Office): Currently: Insert date: Shift + Alt + D. Microsoft Office: Shift + Alt + D <- same Insert time: Ctrl + Shift + D. Microsoft Office: Shift + Alt + T <- inconsistent
  15. Same issue for me - started recently - since update to 10.51.1 I think - Android on Google Pixel phone. I get for all notes - not just ones with shortcuts. Logged a support ticket. No new updated app versions available in Play store yet.
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