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  1. Agree. I use indenting far more frequently than strikethrough. Please put indent controls on the main button bar so it's one click. Don't mind if it's to the right so you have to scroll (it's not as important as Bold etc). Would make sense to be just to the right of the bullet list buttons to me.
  2. I seem to have found a workaround for this which works most of the time. If you tap on the text first - ie. to place the cursor, then the keyboard pops up. If you then press and hold to start selecting text, it seems to stay in the right place. If you press and hold while the keyboard isn't up - it jumps around to some other part of the text. Any updates...or even a response/comment Evernote?
  3. Not sure if this is related - or just similar symptom - but I get the opposite issue. My notes created/edited in the web-editor seem to default to Gotham, 14 - which is fine. But when I then edit the note on iOS Evernote app - if I add some text - it looks the same in the app - but then appears in a different, smaller font when I view the note back in the web client. Have to use the 'remove formatting' button all the time in the web-app - which puts the font back to the same as the rest of the note. Very annoying.
  4. Just to add another comment to this thread for 2018! Please give us the option to disable this "feature". When I click on a link - I just want to go to that link...not another Evernote page saying "did you mean to click on that link?"... ie. just like how the rest of the Internet works... you don't get Chrome asking you if you meant to click on something...you just go there... It's called a hyperlink.... Please remove this - or at least give us an option to disable it!
  5. Yes - that's my point. That normally works - ie. if you close Chrome and re-open it - all of the tabs re-appear as they were before - so each note must have it's own URL/identifier. It's only when Evernote logs you out that it fails to go back to the right note after you log in again.
  6. Hi - thanks for the reply. Not sure I agree though. The URL for each tab - with a different note open in each - is notably different for each. For example - they all start with https://www.evernote.com/Home.action#n= - but then have a different number/letter string after that - so I'd guess that is a note reference. Either that or it's in some sort of cookie. As I said - if I close Chrome with several Evernote tabs open - with my session saved - and then re-open it - they all come back up with the same notes as before. Or if I select a tab I've closed from Chrome's history - that comes back up again ok too. It's only when it's asking me to log in again that it doesn't go back to the same note as I was on before. If that's some sort of accidental Chrome feature that's letting that work normally - then I think that's advantageous feature - to be able to have multiple tabs open - or be able to go back to a previous note from your history - or even bookmark specific notes in your browser. Yep - don't mind where you move this to - wherever i the most appropriate for Evernote to see it - or other people to comment on too. And yes - it is in need of some TLC. Am surprised that the web-client is so poor at some things and seems largely ignored by Evernote. It's my main method of access for Evernote - along with the iOS app - and sure lots of other people's too!
  7. Anybody else having this problem? Can anyone else replicate it - or is it just me?
  8. Evernote? Anybody looking at this? Reported in Feb 2016 - and still the same! Can someone look at this please? Is this the same for everyone on iOS? Anyone else getting this - please vote it up / comment so we can see if we can attract Evernote's attention to get this fixed!
  9. Hi, "You have been logged out of Evernote"....sigh. Ok - I get the security reason for logging you out every so often - although 30 days seems a little quick to me - but I can deal with that - I'll log back in ok fair enough...my password's saved in Chrome anyway. BUT - what really infuriates me is that once you've logged back in - do you go back to the note you were editing before? No...you go back to a default view of all of your notes. Why? I use Chrome and generally have lots of tabs open - with lots of different Evernote notes open when I'm working on multiple things. It's my 'in progress' stuff - I keep all the tabs open on the things I'm working on. I tell Chrome to re-open with all the tabs that I had open when I closed it - so I close Chrome when I shut my laptop down, and re-open Chrome when I turn it back on again - and there's all my work and notes again as they were. Fine.... except when Evernote decides I need to log in again - and then I just have 10 'you have logged out of evernote' tabs. I log into each one - and they all just go back to the list of notes. Great. Can Evernote be updated to maintain the current note when you've logged out and logged back in again please? The URL must have the note name/ID in it - as you can re-open a tab in a browser and it normally ends up back to the same note - so why does the 'logout / login' process not keep that part of the URL and put you back where you were? Anyone else find this infuriating? I'm using Chrome (Version 61.0.3163.79 (Official Build) (32-bit)) on Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 on a Lenovo laptop - and mainly access Evernote through web - but also on the iPhone app.
  10. Evernote is great...but it's driving me mad with silly little issues that should just not be happening. In the web-editor - Copy and paste - even within a note - keeps losing the font of the text. I'm using Chrome to access to web editor. I open a note. Most of my text seems to be in Gotham font, size 14. I don't know why... that seems to be the default. Can't change it anyway. I copy that Gotham 14 text - seems to only happen when I've got multiple lines - ie. including a carriage return. Move the cursor somewhere else. Paste it. Evernote turns that into: Some Gotham 14 text Some text in a different font - which says "Font, tT" in the menu bar at the top...ie. it doesn't really have a font....but it's not Gotham 14. Looks like it might be Verdana - but it's not the same size as any of the ones you can select yourself...slightly bigger than Gotham 14 Some more Gotham 14 text I don't know why it's changing the font, and why it's just some of it. Sounds like it's something to do with the carriage return/newline / multi-line text. So every single time I copy and paste - which is quite a bit - I have to go and put the formatting back....really annoying! I would quite happily change all my notes to whatever that odd font is if it's going to keep changing text to that font - but you can't as it doesn't have a name! Is anyone else getting the same? Seems to have started a month or two ago. Screenshot hopefully showing the issue. Repeatable - happens everytime. I hope Evernote starts fixing some of these basic text formatting issues soon otherwise it's going to drive me away...we shouldn't be having problems with basic text handling..
  11. I agree - this is really annoying for me too. It never actually helps. It only ever gets in the way - eg. if I'm trying to select part of the text that is the link - or even just moving my mouse briefly over the link on the way to click on the line below for example - I end up clicking on the link in the popup which suddenly appears under where I'm about to click. Made even worse by the fact that Evernote can lose your updates or your place as when you click 'back' on the (also annoying "Are you sure you want to leave evernote" screen) - it doesn't always go back to the note you were editing before. I'd rather they just appeared as normal hyperlinks...what's wrong with normal HTML? Or not at all...they are more often than not links that I didn't really want turning into hyperlinks anyway!
  12. Agreed too! Evernote is terrible in selecting text - especially in large notes. Recently I've had a new problem where I hold down on some text to start selecting it - and it randomly jumps up about 3 pages and selects some other text instead! Maddening! I have to move around the note trying to find somewhere where it will select properly - and then drag the selection points to the bit I actually want to select. This is going to drive me away from Evernote - such basic text editing should just work! This particular problem only started a couple of weeks ago I think so may be a recent update issue, or could be just my large notes I guess. I have large notes with indented text - and seems to be when I try to select any of the text that is indented. iPhone 5s - latest iOS and Evernote versions. No problem with other iOS apps like OneNote....
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