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  1. New version released for Windows - v10.4 - No mention of any of the issues mentioned in this thread being looked at. Spellcheck doesn't work and the windows don't even have window names....but hey - new features you didn't need! (sigh..)
  2. Here's my list of things I've noticed so far (Windows - v10.3.7): Note names do not appear in note windows or Windows task bar. Search does not change cursor position - so when press Esc to cancel search - cursor should be on found text, but is still in original position so if you press a cursor key, you jump back to your original text position. You have to click on the search text to move the cursor there. Check boxes have changed - so you can't add the same checkbox as ones in existing notes - but they are still there in your existing notes. I used to use multiple checkbox
  3. Yes I know about that thanks. But I'm having to type that every single time I do a search to get Evernote to show me the note I want as the regular search doesn't prioritise the note title - so the actual note I want (with the text in the title) is always way down in the search results. I want Evernote to show me the notes with the search term in the title first (or give me the option to choose to do that if some people for some reason don't want it to) rather than having to type "intitle:" before I do any search.
  4. Yes please! Can we have 'Sort by relevance' on the Windows client please? I have all my notes with a sensible title - so it's really frustrating when I search for something I know is in the title, but am shown lots of notes which happen to have that text in the note body first. If I've gone to the trouble of putting something in the title, I'd expect that to be shown first as it's most likely to be the note I'm looking for (or at least to have the option to choose to do that). For example it makes no sense to me to not show me the note which I have specifically titled "bike" when I s
  5. I totally agree with this. Personally I would like Evernote to show the notes with the search terms in the title first - or or least have an option to enable that for people who want it. For example it makes no sense to me to not show me the note which I have specifically titled "bike" when I search for "bike" - but to have it way down the list somewhere below lots of other notes which happen to have "bike" in the note body somewhere. I have loads of options to sort the results by lots of different things - including title - but that still does not prioritise the notes with the actua
  6. Agree. I use indenting far more frequently than strikethrough. Please put indent controls on the main button bar so it's one click. Don't mind if it's to the right so you have to scroll (it's not as important as Bold etc). Would make sense to be just to the right of the bullet list buttons to me.
  7. I seem to have found a workaround for this which works most of the time. If you tap on the text first - ie. to place the cursor, then the keyboard pops up. If you then press and hold to start selecting text, it seems to stay in the right place. If you press and hold while the keyboard isn't up - it jumps around to some other part of the text. Any updates...or even a response/comment Evernote?
  8. Not sure if this is related - or just similar symptom - but I get the opposite issue. My notes created/edited in the web-editor seem to default to Gotham, 14 - which is fine. But when I then edit the note on iOS Evernote app - if I add some text - it looks the same in the app - but then appears in a different, smaller font when I view the note back in the web client. Have to use the 'remove formatting' button all the time in the web-app - which puts the font back to the same as the rest of the note. Very annoying.
  9. Just to add another comment to this thread for 2018! Please give us the option to disable this "feature". When I click on a link - I just want to go to that link...not another Evernote page saying "did you mean to click on that link?"... ie. just like how the rest of the Internet works... you don't get Chrome asking you if you meant to click on something...you just go there... It's called a hyperlink.... Please remove this - or at least give us an option to disable it!
  10. Yes - that's my point. That normally works - ie. if you close Chrome and re-open it - all of the tabs re-appear as they were before - so each note must have it's own URL/identifier. It's only when Evernote logs you out that it fails to go back to the right note after you log in again.
  11. Hi - thanks for the reply. Not sure I agree though. The URL for each tab - with a different note open in each - is notably different for each. For example - they all start with https://www.evernote.com/Home.action#n= - but then have a different number/letter string after that - so I'd guess that is a note reference. Either that or it's in some sort of cookie. As I said - if I close Chrome with several Evernote tabs open - with my session saved - and then re-open it - they all come back up with the same notes as before. Or if I select a tab I've closed from Chrome's history - that comes ba
  12. Anybody else having this problem? Can anyone else replicate it - or is it just me?
  13. Evernote? Anybody looking at this? Reported in Feb 2016 - and still the same! Can someone look at this please? Is this the same for everyone on iOS? Anyone else getting this - please vote it up / comment so we can see if we can attract Evernote's attention to get this fixed!
  14. Hi, "You have been logged out of Evernote"....sigh. Ok - I get the security reason for logging you out every so often - although 30 days seems a little quick to me - but I can deal with that - I'll log back in ok fair enough...my password's saved in Chrome anyway. BUT - what really infuriates me is that once you've logged back in - do you go back to the note you were editing before? No...you go back to a default view of all of your notes. Why? I use Chrome and generally have lots of tabs open - with lots of different Evernote notes open when I'm working on multiple things.
  15. Evernote is great...but it's driving me mad with silly little issues that should just not be happening. In the web-editor - Copy and paste - even within a note - keeps losing the font of the text. I'm using Chrome to access to web editor. I open a note. Most of my text seems to be in Gotham font, size 14. I don't know why... that seems to be the default. Can't change it anyway. I copy that Gotham 14 text - seems to only happen when I've got multiple lines - ie. including a carriage return. Move the cursor somewhere else. Paste it. Evernote turns that into: Some
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