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  1. Hey Mike, Yes, I did read that putting a space before the checkbox kept it as a checkbox and I tried it on one or two check boxes, but I just never thought to add a space at the beginning of each line before each checkbox. I tried this on one of my lists and it works great - It did not convert to a checklist! Thanks so much for that tip! I still wish Evernote wouldn't automatically convert to a checklist but at least I have a decent work around now! Thanks again Mike!
  2. I have lots of lists using the old checkbox feature and I especially like that the text does not change to strike-through after checking the checkbox. After upgrading to v10.4.4, Evernote for Windows keeps automatically switching my check box lists to checklists and changes all text to strike-through for checked items. This happens anytime I press enter anywhere in any of the items on any line. It is impossible to add a new line anywhere - in the middle, at the end, ANYWHERE, without the list getting switched to a checklist. PLEASE allow us to disable this new "feature". I can understand
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