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  1. Yeah I noticed that putting a space before the check box stopped working (possibly with update 10.8.5?). Putting two spaces before the check box works and @Mike P found two other workarounds. The problem is this: as soon as Evernote finds out we have another workaround, they will kill it. Apparently Evernote would rather spend their developers time and energy making sure we get screwed into submission rather than actually trying to help us out here. That is just plain evil.
  2. Thanks @agsteele, I thought or at least hoped Evernote would pay more attention to this forum since it is supposed to be enhancement requests, but like you said, this idea would fall pretty low on a long list of glitches and other issues that need attention. I actually did stop using the Windows App for about a month because the page reload problem made it completely unusable. That page reload problem appears to be fixed, so now it is just back to the frustration of dealing with the list of check boxes / check lists! I also have Evernote on the iPad and discovered that it does NOT change check box lists to check lists on the iPad! So, I got a small bluetooth keyboard for the iPad and have been using that. I guess the iPad is another possible workaround.
  3. At this point, I would really like to see an official response from Evernote. This thread is two months old and still has recent activity, so others are clearly bothered by this behavior. IF YOU WORK FOR EVERNOTE AND ARE READING THIS, PLEASE RESPOND! Even if the response is that Evernote will not make any changes, I would still want to know that. The change I am asking Evernote to consider is allowing the user the ability/option to shut off or stop the automatic conversion of check box lists to the new checklists. Basically the ability to tell Evernote to leave a list of check boxes alone and NOT convert it to checklists. Thanks, John
  4. It seems others are not thrilled to see all their check box lists turned into checklists (with strike through). And Thankfully there is a workaround to prevent this from happening, but adding a space before each line is cumbersome if you have lots of lists and lots of items. So, I go back to my original request.... Can Evernote stop automatically converting existing check box lists to checklists? I'm not asking for checklists to go away - just don't keep switching everything to checklists! Or, allow the user some way to disable/turn off this auto-convert to checklist feature? Perhaps something similar to how MS Word allows you to disable certain auto-correct options? ...John
  5. Hey Mike, Yes, I did read that putting a space before the checkbox kept it as a checkbox and I tried it on one or two check boxes, but I just never thought to add a space at the beginning of each line before each checkbox. I tried this on one of my lists and it works great - It did not convert to a checklist! Thanks so much for that tip! I still wish Evernote wouldn't automatically convert to a checklist but at least I have a decent work around now! Thanks again Mike!
  6. I have lots of lists using the old checkbox feature and I especially like that the text does not change to strike-through after checking the checkbox. After upgrading to v10.4.4, Evernote for Windows keeps automatically switching my check box lists to checklists and changes all text to strike-through for checked items. This happens anytime I press enter anywhere in any of the items on any line. It is impossible to add a new line anywhere - in the middle, at the end, ANYWHERE, without the list getting switched to a checklist. PLEASE allow us to disable this new "feature". I can understand how some people might like checklists and I may even use them too, but please do not automatically assume that every list I have needs to get switched to a checklist. If I start with a list of check boxes, keep it that way. When I press enter for a new line, I want a check box on the new line, not everything switched to checklist. If I create a checklist, then keep it a checklist - that's fine. Just do not automatically switch everything to checklists.
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