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  1. Hi, Just to let you know that my pdfs are back. I don't know why they disapeared, but I can see them and download them now. Thank you for your help.
  2. First screenshot shows the pdf but not the second after opening the note.
  3. Hi, I can see that the pdf is present when I look at the desktop view but when I open the note, the pdf is not there. Do youn have an idea on how to retrieve them?
  4. THank you PinkElephant. I noticed that the problem is not there with the new EN Web beta. Ufortunately, I don't use this beta because the tags are not displayed entirely.
  5. Yes, this is what I use. I can use the EN client on Windows but sometimes, I prefer the web page. This problem is recent. I noticed that only a few months ago, not sure why the display of the pdf has changed.
  6. Windows 10 with Chrome Please, see screenshot attached. Sometimes, my pdfs are displayed on all the screen, sometimes, like on this screenshot I can see only a part of it. Is there a way to fix this?
  7. I am very sorry, I use the web client but see that it is possible with Windows. Thank you Gazumped!
  8. Hi, I try to do a table like this https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314638-How-to-create-and-customize-tables on my Windows computer but there is no way to reduce the size of the table or to do any formating. So why Evernote posts help topics that are impossible to reproduce on an updated Windows computer? Am I the only one having this problem?
  9. Agree. This is why I don't use the email function of Evernote for work.
  10. Thank you DTLow. I will look at this brand. I found something interesting here: https://epson.com/Support/wa00661 but unfortunately, this page killed it: https://epson.com/Support/wa00607a it works only with Windows and Mac computers!
  11. The user base of Chromebook is growing fast. I use a Chromebook and my goal is to get rid of my Windows computer to use a Chromebox for everything. I am paperless and I add the majority of my documents to Evernote with my scanner. Unfortunately, there is no way to scan with a Chromebook or a Chromebox. I am wondering how long the scanners makers will ignore this growing market. Does anyone in this forum have information about a scanners maker working on this project?
  12. Hi Cals and DTLow, Thank you for your answers. Unfortunately, they are not there. I have sent a ticket to the support.
  13. Hi, I had a bad idea and backed up some folders of my Google Drive but I reached quickly the 10 GB allowed. Then I continue to enter a few notes. The software told me that my notes will be saved and recovered at the end of the current month. I am now at the beginning of a 10 Gb cycle but cannot find the notes taken when I was over the limit. My question is: where are my notes?
  14. Yes, this was the problem. Thank you TK0047
  15. IThank you Guru. Unfortunately, this search : tag:aaaa tag:bbbbbb tag:ccccc returns notes with these tags, but also notes that contain aaaa bbbbb ccccc. Is there a way to find only notes that are tagged with my 2 tags without the notes that contain the same word? ?
  16. What is the correct way to create a search for notes tagged with several tags? I would to view only the notes tagged with these three tags together. Thank you
  17. Evernote Hi,The notebook that I use the most is not visible in the notebook list at the left. I can find it if I do a notebook search, but it is not listed.Please, let me know how to fix this.Thank you
  18. Stacking tags is also not possible on the web version. I would greatly welcome this feature.
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