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  1. thank you for reply. i don't use the windows evernote i use the app function on my surface. Would you mind explaining the process for saving the document to proper location i have no idea how to do this as i am not a techie but willing to learn.
  2. exactly i have the same issue i use a surface and the surface pen. I open the pdf with pen in Evernote legacy it opens in draw board i make edits then save it and it appears in evenote with edits.I love that and the only reason i use evernote now its gone. Who do we contact at Evernote to bring this back. Ther annotation tools don't work with a surface pen at all.
  3. i am having the same problem. You cannot annotate a pdf with Evernote it does not work . It works in legacy perfectly
  4. this upgrade is once again a disaster for me. I have thousands of pdfs that i annotate on my surface pro. I use my pen to annotate the pdf. Thank god legacy exists because i can keep my workflow going. Under legacy I open the pdf with my pen then it moves to drawboard i annotate in drawboard and all changes appear in Evernote. I love it its fantastic. With the upgrades you cant annotate with a pen only can use a mouse. If legacy version did not exist i would be gone from Evernote. Been on Evernote for over 10 years. I tried to communicate my feelings with the ceo on linked in he never replied to me. Looks like they don't care about pdf annotation. Has anyone tried other ways or programs to annotate pdf. I fear they will get rid of legacy and i will have to find another program. I guess one note may be my only alternative.
  5. where is evernote how come they never reply. Has anyone found a solution to these pdf annotation problems.
  6. i am so frustrated as well and posting on numerous forums here in evernote. Evernote does not care and customer service is useless.
  7. it is so frustrating to deal with this pdf annotation issue. For some reason in windows application the pdf won't open in my chosen pdf annotator and on ipad it wont open either. You have to open in pdf editor on ipad and keep making new notes with new pdf annotation. Evernote is going to go bankrupt as users like me which have been loyal are going to leave in mass. No one from evernote answers these questions. I am going to write letter to ceo who has no idea what his users need.
  8. on my microsoft surface in windows i right click to open a pdf in evernote and for the past 10 years it would flow into my chosen pdf editor which has been drawboard and over the past few days have installed a few other pdf editors. For some reason they don't open in teh pdf editor. Evernote has done something so the pdf editors open but the pdf file never appears as it has in the past. I have contacted customer service and no help at all. Without pdf editing evernote is useless. The built in pdf editor is useless as well any suggestions
  9. is there any way to open a pdf in evernote for the ipad then bring it to pdf expert for annotation and have those changes appear in evernote without having to create a new pdf. In the past changes in an external pdf editor would appear in evernote but that's not happening now. If i make changes in pdf expert to bring it back to evernote on the ipad i have to create a new file. I can change a pdf 20 times in a day and this does not work. For the past 5 years i used my surface and evernote for windows with drawboard but that no longer works for some reason i can't explain.
  10. for years i have right clicked on a pdf in evernote and the pdf opened in drawboard and now it does not happen. Annotating in Evernote is horrible and not an option. Any ideas
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