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  1. 1. In the new Evernote version a pdf can only be opened in Preview and I can't choose a different app. 2. After I have edited the pdf file, it says "the file is write-protected" and I can't save it back to Evernote. I have to save it as a new file on my computer, delete the old note in Evernote and import the newly saved file to Evernote again. That is much worse than it was before!
  2. I have more than one app installed to open or work on pdfs. It used to be possible to right-click to a pdf and choose "open in ..." - Now I can only "open".
  3. Thanks, that should help I lot, because I didn't find where to change the characters. I mainly use the Mac desktop version.
  4. When annotating a pdf its not possible to vary the font size of text. That really poor. Moreover it should be possible to choose other font characters beside the one with the light shadow.
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