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  1. What’s up with the “newer” annotation module in 10.x? I recently had to setup a new iPad for an employee. I have been using an older version of Evernote (7.x) for ages on my old iPad and its annotation module works perfectly, just like the older and the newest versions of Skitch. I am typically using the annotation module to mark up overhead screen shots of maps to include in job estimates I create. In Evernote as opposed to Skitch I can keep all of my past annotated screen shots in a catalogued format so that I can edit them if needed later on down the road. If it was not for that need I would simply use Skitch. Let me elaborate on the unnecessary changes somebody has been paid to make to this “new” module. 1. The brush sizes are reversed on the screen and their corresponding icons are also intuitively reversed as well. what looks like it should be the largest brush is actually the smallest and vice versa. 2. If the line or arrow tool is selected , Clicking on the image you are annotating automatically puts a random sized line or arrow on the canvas. This makes selecting previously drawn objects almost impossible. The only tool that this is really acceptable for is the pen and the text tool right? If I am trying to select the end of a line to adjust where it is going I end up making like five new lines on the damn canvas, what gives?!?! 3. You can no longer pinch to zoom in on the image you are annotating! This may have been my biggest issue! Why did this feature get canned? I used this ALL the time! I am certain I have left some things out. I could only bear to use the module for a few minutes before I lost my cool and almost threw the iPad out the window, realizing the tool I had been using for years and years was now pretty much useless at producing what I needed anymore. I see that your Skitch product still uses the same exact annotation setup that you guys came up with years ago, almost nothing has changed and it is still perfect! I remember when you guys basically ported that Skitch module into Evernote. Why have you changed it in version 10.x of Evernote so that it is almost non-functional? Please ditch the current annotation module in Evernote 10.x and go back to the old module.
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