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  1. @Blork - I did not notice any formatting glitches or other glitches in general! I do not believe I had any headings in EN 10, so I cannot comment on that. I can say that I have not been disappointed going back to Legacy, though! Love it!
  2. After fighting, for months, with lag issues with Evernote Version 10.10.5 (freezing completely for seconds-minutes and typing lagging behind for seconds-minutes), I FINALLY downloaded Evernote Legacy! Omg! I finally can type in Evernote with ZERO lagging issues! Why Evernote does not fix the current version, I do not know. I pay way too much for this service to have to deal with that!
  3. What finally fixed this issue for me was changing the default font (on my desktop version of Evernote) to Helvetica Neue size 14. I had to go through and manually update a couple of my notes (to make sure they were consistent with the new changes). But now when I make changes on either my desktop version (MacBook Air) or my iPhone, the font and font size finally remain consistent.
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