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  1. I create notebooks by subject matter (techniques, styles, fabrics, etc.) and by course if I've taken one.
  2. I just opened Firefox, went to the New York Times site and was able to clip an article. I have a Dell laptop with Windows 10 installed.
  3. Tags. For the clothing images, I tag by season, by fabric type, by print type, by color, by technique, by design detail, by depth of interest (***). I sometimes wish I could assign a note to more than one notebook but make up for it with copious tags. Still, if I had to choose between notebooks and tags I would select notebooks.
  4. I save important receipts, emails, letters and other documents to Evernote. On occasion, I've added book ideas to Evernote, but I wouldn't use Evernote to write a book. I would use a conventional word processing program or one like Scrivener.
  5. For work, I've created notebooks for individual clients. For courses (I have a college and professional degree, but some sometimes take evening classes), I create notebooks for the course, for individual projects, for books I'd like to borrow from the library. I have many notebooks for interests such as web design. At one point, I was considering creating a blog. I saved notes with site examples I found inspirational, as well as images and fonts. I have taken many advanced level sewing and tailoring courses. I have created notebooks by type of clothing and saved images of garments I'd like to make or find interesting. There are notebooks for sewing, couture, pattern making, and tailoring techniques and fashion history. I also have saved vintage sewing and tailoring texts found online. For any major interest, I have created a notebook, e.g., politics, literature, U.S. history, education. I have over 33,000 notes.
  6. How long have you been a member of this forum? ? At least recently the number of notebooks was increased, a feature requested for many years. I'm going to bask in the enjoyment of that for the next several months.
  7. Thank you for figuring this out and telling us. Evernote Windows 10 is still not working on my desktop but I will try the browser version sometime, although it seems a little complicated. To be honest, I'm wary of adopting too many new Evernote features. In the past, I used Evernote Food, which created templates to record memorable meals and then it no longer existed. I tried to use Skitch (a graphics program that was never properly explained and I never understood how to integrate it into my other notes) and then that was no longer supported. Best to stick to the meat-and-potatoes of the web clipper. Evernote has a history of releasing features that don't work or aren't fully or well explained. I had the same problem with a set of templates created for Getting Things Done. The EN blog made a big deal out of them and then I couldn't open them. The Marketing and PR departments too often are out of sync with the departments directly responsible for the functioning of the product.
  8. Sounds like a good project for IFTT, which already has some Evernote "recipes." https://ifttt.com/search/query/evernot
  9. I just looked in my web version of Evernote. I use Google Chrome. I didn't see the template either.
  10. I would consider a system like KanbanFlow or Remember the Milk. I once briefly tried to use Evernote for Getting Things Done, which is quite similar to what you described. It was unwieldy.
  11. The "Ignore" function is a common feature of online fora. If you spend anytime online, it's necessary at times. Far from acting like a child pulling a tantrum, I am following the request of the Moderators. At an earlier point when the feature wasn't working, they agreed I should use it when it again became available. They don't want a forum filled with petty, circular arguing. It's a waste of everyone's time. If I tell someone directly that I'm putting them on "Ignore," which I rarely do, it's a courtesy: "Don't spend your time composing a lengthy response because I'm not going to read it; if you want someone else to, fine." Usually, I've warned the individual at least once in the past. More immediately, I could request not to receive any summaries, but that would deprive me of forum posts that are useful.
  12. I've used Macs and Windows and have not found Macs to be better, in fact, Macs my family have owned have completed broken down; that never happened to me with a PC. If I did a lot of graphics work I would consider a Mac because the software seems to be better.
  13. Dear Moderator: I have used the forum software "Ignore" feature to avoid being distracted by the posts of members that do not contribute to the discussion. The problem is that the emailed forum post summary includes the text of the Ignored member's posts. Is there any way the software can be configured to leave out that content? Thanks.
  14. I've explained why posts like yours are not helpful. Insisting on your right to keep engaging people in the same old arguments in the guise of help is passive-aggressive. I myself have explained at least 15 times why I prefer notebooks to tags. Others have weighed in. I'm not going to spend my day repeatedly justifying my thought process to you or other members. "Punching bag"? You're the aggrieved party? Lovely.
  15. Evernote Windows Desktop is still not working on my computer. I can't access the templates through the web version, which is the version of EN I've been using almost exclusively for the past five years.
  16. I'm using Google Chrome on a Windows computer. It's not working.
  17. I only use Windows with Chrome and have the latest version. I am using the web version because I have not been able to get the Desktop version to work on my new laptop ever since I've had it. I am using the latest full version, not the beta version. As noted, I watched the video and followed its steps. When I create a note there is no option to select a template, which I saved.
  18. Unfortunately, there are no "angry" and "dubious" reaction emoticons provided in the forum software.
  19. I'd have to look to give you an average, but I never come close to the maximum. I have over 30,000 notes. Most are web clips of images and articles.
  20. I received an email from Evernote about new templates. The old templates, discussed on the blog a while back, never worked. I watched the video and followed the instructions. The option to create a template is not appearing when I create a new note. I don't care that much about this feature and I'm still having problems with Evernote Desktop, which doesn't open, but here's one more disappointment. UPDATE, 3 Oct. 2018 I opened Evernote on my Android phone and the template option was offered. I continue to see nothing with the Chrome version of Evernote and I still can't open Evernote Desktop on my Windows 10 laptop.
  21. This is a user forum. The question is, are you interested in communicating with other users or insulting them? The notebook model is viable. If it weren't, you wouldn't be able to create 10K notebooks in Evernote Business. Adding more notebooks does not affect you. You know nothing about the "natural way" in which my brain works or that of other users who want more notebooks and for you to suggest you do is highly presumptuous. Your tone reminds me of all the sanctimonious people in the comment sections of my local newspaper who scolded readers like me who spoke of the need for more charging outlets on public transportation. Scold scold scold and then the new ferries had three times the number of charging stations because the people in charge understood that passengers needed to charge their phones and laptops. If you don't carry a phone or a laptop or don't care if the battery runs down, fine. But don't interfere with the rights of others. I don't have the time to have the same argument again and again when I've explicitly asked people to stop. It's a waste of time and some of the arguments are clearly in bad faith. I am putting you on "Ignore."
  22. In your zeal to lecture me, you apparently didn't read the previous post. It was in response to yet another person who suggested tags. Tag People: Stop suggesting tags to people who have made it clear they want more notebooks. You're wasting everyone's time.
  23. I have to create tags for projects that ordinarily would have received notebooks. I DO NOT LIKE TAGS as my primary unit of organization. I'm not interested in decommissioning my existing notebooks. This is a simple problem with a simple answer that is within Evernote's ability to solve and people have been asking for it for years.
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