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  1. i keep adding to my ticket. they tell me to add another activity log, which i do, then they go back to ignoring me.
  2. i have the same issue. i opened a ticket 12 days ago - and they literally just ignore me! and now there seems to be no way to open a ticket at all - there's just zero support. i have no idea what to do, apart from leave the app and find an alternative.
  3. I opened a ticket 12 days ago - they're literally just ignoring me. and now i don't seem to be able to open a ticket at all to even complain - there's just no way to open a new ticket! it's just digraceful. I will ditch this app - there's just zero support.
  4. ever since i downloaded the latest update, the search function doesn't work unless I relaunch the app. anybody else having this issue?
  5. tbh none of that stuff will hit the mark. it's for ad hoc lists and i want my eye to be able to see as much of it as possible at once so i don't have to scroll up and down. what you get is essentially one column with lots of vertical scrolling required and what i want is to be able to write across the page - but not a formal table where i'm adding and deleting stuff in cells. i just tab things across at the moment.
  6. i second this. it wd mean i can see more of my note on one page before i have to start scrolling down.
  7. Thanks Peter - I hadn't realised that there was a further update, and the two main glitches I had seem to have been ironed out - phew!
  8. cmd tilde works for me on all other programs except evernote - it's totally frustrating - why has this not been fixed? (10..5.7)
  9. i agree - this is a nightmare and i wish i'd not updated to this version because of it. when i clip a webpage i need to be able to click in the note to go back to the original webpage - which we've always been able to do up until now (without having to go into note info and copy and pasting the url). you guys need to sort this one out - big boo boo!
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