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  1. @Ovi They're too busy working on more important things, like the new Home screen. /s
  2. I am using a standard Apple Wireless Keyboard, US English, connected via Bluetooth. Thank you for your assistance, but it doesn't look like the bug you speak of is related to standard keyboard layouts like mine. I guess it's just another reason to be frustrated with the change to an Electron app. I'm holding out hope that it will eventually be as speedy and dynamic as the old native version that I loved.
  3. I have no idea, but I'm right there with you! There are a lot of problems with the new version but little things like this truly make it a headache to create and edit notes. I suspect it's due to the fact that v10 is no longer a native Mac app.
  4. With the update to Evernote 10 I'm no longer able to use the keyboard shortcut command-tilde(~) to switch from one open window to another. I'm not sure why this is happening but it's making it harder for me to work on multiple notes at one time. PLEASE FIX THIS! v 10.0.10 build 458340 public Editor: v107.3.13847 Service: v1.20.21
  5. Exact same thing happening to me, which is somewhat frustrating since I rely on scripts and workflows to auto-import some of my files. v 10.0.10 build 458340 public Editor: v107.3.13847 Service: v1.20.21
  6. PLEASE ADD MARKDOWN! I've been a user for years. Currently a premium subscriber as well. I flirt with switching away from Evernote regularly but I've been unable to find an app that does what Evernote does. If markdown (or any type of text styling shortcut/formatting) was added I would really have no reason to think about switching for the foreseeable future.
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