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  1. Thanks for submitting the ENEX through the support folks they will get it to the editor team to check it out
  2. My Tables might be too simple (not enough or the right kind of formatting) - could you provide a screen shot or ENEX for me to take to Dev to review the issue?
  3. Sorry to hear that, we have a couple more fixes coming with the final 6.11.1 release - if possible could I have your ENEX for testing and show Dev? (or do you wish for the final 6.11.1 build first) - ETA is soon, not sure how soon.
  4. Thanks for the information, I am creating a new issue to track this and have our test team try with the latest version of the Editor
  5. Got it, it feels like the command/option is legacy
  6. If I hit option (alt) when I right click, it says copy classic note link (do you see?) Which gives me evernote:///view/....
  7. Is this a table with in a table?
  8. I haven't run into this problem my self - 1st are you on 6.11 beta 4, or 6.5.x like you mentioned in the note and do you have any steps to reproduce the issue?
  9. Sorry about that, filed a new bug for this
  10. Hi Do you mean when you share it is truncated when viewed on other Mac clients, or shared and viewed on the web? (just checking so we can test the same scenario in QA. TIA J
  11. mwang Interesting, if I go to the article, highlight and paste into a note I lost spacing between paragraphs - I filled a new bug for this and 2nd one for straight up web clipping with simplified article eating up the returns also J
  12. Does this happen for all notes for certain types of notes? (and if only certain ones, are can you export one for our test to test (if safe to sure) or maybe provide steps to help create a similar note ourselves for testing?
  13. Hi I am investigating the problem with clipped notes from the guardian and simplify formatting removing returns - currently I don't have a problem (but I might be doing it differently) I am clipping the note (using Chrome) and simplified article mode in clipper and when I apply Simplify formatting on the mac, returns are kept (either applied to a section of whole page) - so which step am I doing wrong or missing?
  14. Hi kempster Which Beta was this? It was a side effect of an editor bug that has been fixed, however it might require table resizing :-( J
  15. Are you still experiencing all 3 problems with the latest beta? (text resizing, loading images, and crashes)