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  1. Hi Larry Do you have the URL for this page? (or has the information been provided to support already). I can have it added to our list of Clipped Sites for testing with - and I noticed even in this editor the HTML of the page is cuasing problems with viewing, so it looks like there is some hidden syntax that is messing with rendering.
  2. The Dropped feature (is turned off for now) until they can get a consistent user experience across all web clients - since non-Firefox folks were experiencing data loss - so I also had to switch to using the Desktop client. I don't have an ETA on when that will be turned back on, however, it is near the top of the list of things to fix. As for a web editor you want, that is currently being worked on and updates will be rolled out in the months ahead
  3. Engineering wise you can't just drop in a library, you have to wire it up to make it work - anyway even the web is moving away from TinyMCE it has limits that will impact future growth - other features are coming, though they need to have the same base library and editing experience across all platforms firsts
  4. Thanks for the feedback, I shared the suggestions with our Product Manager - some of these features are in the works. Currently I don't have a time frame or release schedule. J
  5. Doesn't help much, but I was able to Copy from EN Mac to WP (inside Safari) without a problem, I did get some word wrapping issues after posting, but it might be related to my WP Theme. So I might be missing a step Running EN Mac latest on 10.11.5
  6. Sorry lazy Acronym, it is the new Common Editor for Evernote.
  7. Hi Kurshot Sorry for the formatting problems. How is the information being posted from EN to wordpress - emailed? Autoposting using an IFTTT recipe? or cut and paste from EN to Wordpress? And I am guessing you are using the latest version of EN Mac (I could be wrong) which currently has CE 1.0.x which will be updated in the near future to CE 1.5 which will help with some of the formatting issues. J
  8. Hi Sorry you are running into this, there is a bug filed on this issue. Currently I don't have an ETA on when it will be fixed. I will chat with the PM about getting the priority raised higher. J
  9. The Product Manager likes the idea. It is added to the list of possible features, and will be taken to the team (since the new feature would have to be supported cross-platform to really work well within Evernote) I don't know the timeline for evaluating the feature (must less actually doing it) - but it is out there for consideration at least. J
  10. Sorry about that, it was actually the first thing I passed on to the Product Manager for Windows - who has happy to get the feedback and feature idea. Thank you J
  11. Thanks for the recommendation, I will take a look In addition to not being able to create the type of outlines you want in Evernote. What other features or improvements would you like to see in Evernote note editing? J
  12. Welcome, and glad to be of service
  13. A statement :-) on how it should like if it behavior as expected or as other apps do And thanks for the video J
  14. So you expect the delete key and backspace key to work this way (animated gif done while in google Docs) First time was the delete key (then hit undo) and then the backspace key J
  15. Hi I filed tracking tickets with Dev for these issues - the first (the delete key & backspace key) is our behavior vs what many other apps, thus is the "expected" behavior. The second issue is are bad handling of world wrapping. As for your question, I now get all replies to this thread in my email, so I will any future things you are others post on the subject. Please keep reporting things. J