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  1. There is a request in to add a feature to adjust as the note changes size Do to the editor being on a different version on different platforms especially beta software - you will see something a bit different as you move between devices - updates in the future (syncing the versions of the editor) will fix this.
  2. The table is scrollable and it went off the page, you should be able to use the track pad (if you don't have a mouse) scroll side ways in the table I'm not able to recreate the copy problem - but I might be missing a step - added an image, annotate, draw lines in blue. Select one, copy and paste (mine are still blue)
  3. Handed off this info to testers to check with the latest additions to the copy and paste code
  4. Working on this now
  5. It sounds like something in the "some notes" is causing copy and paste pain - could you send one of this old notes (ENEXs) to CS to share with Dev so we can track down what is causing the problem?
  6. Checking with UI people about this one (sorry I don't have all the answers)
  7. Tagging someone who works more with the scaling (for a better answer) @Chantal Leonard / @Johnathan Hebert
  8. Technically the command works, what is broken is what it is doing during the paste operation. That is currently being worked on.
  9. Thanks for reporting
  10. Thanks for reporting
  11. To Ensure this isn't forgotten about, I filed a new bug for tracking the problem
  12. It isn't normal for a company to published a product roadmap (in case we change our mind of what we want to do or other reasons) However styles is one of the options being considered for the future (I don't know the status or the priority)
  13. Sorry about that, it is a already fixed for the next Beta
  14. It sort of works, the action is functional just not behavior of simplify formatting - we have a request in to reverse this behavior and return simplify formatting to how it used to function
  15. Sorry about that, Dev is working on some performance problems, if you have a sample note where this problem is most obvious you can share with Support and we can include it in our testing.