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  1. Got the latest IOS version. Looked in "apps" see if an upgrade is available. None for now. *paid subscriber. Thanks for your input............
  2. I've tried to upgrade but no dice. No Home in my version as of today 4-18
  3. Hi, Vids on YouTube show the updated IOS......... Yet, it's not showing up on my Evernote on IPhone?
  4. It would be very useful when using the biz card function in IOS that the phone number entered automatically would be listed with +country code first. Should be a no brainer with cities etal listed as address, therefore making +country code very simple. Note, many of us work international and it would be very helpful, avoiding having to re-enter phone info. *as a side note, the biz card function can use lots of improvement................ lots..........
  5. @Dave-in-Decatur Evernote makes a lot of promises................ Including customer service. I therefore made the decision to pay. Gets lots of my data. As for Google/MS?........ they are also getting their share. Not here though, since it's about Evernote, by Evernote.
  6. I do pay, yet the "service" received was let's just say "non existent" at first. It took twitter/fb/messaging/this blog to get something done. Frankly that is not doing it. The saying "you get what you pay for" does at this time not apply to Evernote. The new man @ the top talks a great game......... I'd say, "put up or shut up". *note, I owned 3 businesses, and if we would have provided this level of service they would have been out of business fast. Rightfully so. CS is key, this does not exempt Evernote, quite the opposite with competition on the move............. For the free users, I got this; there is no free in life.
  7. Thanks for your input Chemie, appreciate it. Note that chat is available during "business hours"...... local time that is. Biz these days is global. Evernote pretends to be global, acts local. That they move issues they don't have an answer over to "new feature request" is sad, truly sad.
  8. The thing is I've never posted an url in a public place. Appreciate your input though DTLow. It was not an unknown either, it came via email to me.
  9. Hi, tried evernotehelps, tried evernote on Twitter, as well as trying to get help on Evernote site................. Guess what?.................... None, Nada, Zip, Zilch, Zero...............

    I am dealing with suspicious activity, quite serious but getting customer service from Evernote is non existent..... Premium payer here. What is it exactly that I pay for?

  10. DT, as for whining rant. Have tried to contact thru twitter both "main" and "help" with DT's Have tried it thru web site too. FB post too............... result? Zip, zilch, zero.... it's now Tuesday where i am at. That frankly is unacceptable. Also, "regular business hours". Evernote operates global.............. that means... regular business hours are 24-7. They are for me as a nomad. So no, not impressed to say the least. As a retired business owner and now occasional consultant my paying clients expect responsiveness, as they should. Feel free to dismiss my rant. As for the issue; A unknown person asked permission to access one of my notebooks. How is that possible? Do they have access thru evernote, is evernote hacked? Telll me if you know, after all Evernote does not respond. Thank you, Sjaak
  11. Yep, July 30, 2017, can't get anyone @ evernote to respond to anything. Premium member. Seems that Evernote is starting to see the paying customer as a sucker.
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