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  1. Hi everybody, There are a few hours that I'm trying to search all the notes created in a certain year. I want to make a notebook for every year since I'm using Evernote. Can you help me please with the right string to write in the search field? Thank you very much
  2. Very interesting questions. Evernote do this very well. Last time when I gave a try to Notion it was months ago. Notion Is not good for me becouse don't have a "document camera", but only with iphone camera. This add a lot of workaround to my workflow and I make a intensive use of document camera. Evernote have the best document camera I ever used on mobile device. I think that Notion is overstimated.
  3. You infect this forum. Please stop coment my posts. You can say what you want, but is clear e that you are paid by Evernote. If not, you are a troll.
  4. Asinine response? You are paid by Evernote and for this reasonI don't considering your posts... you are Evernote's yes man. Please don't comment my posts. Please ignore my posts if you can't respect my position. Remember my nick and please don't answer or coment my posts becouse I'm paying evernote since 2010, not evernote pay me like you. Poor stupid troll. This forum is infected by your coments.
  5. Hello, at this moment there are not reasons to stay with Evernote.
  6. I think I've tried it all, but, becouse of my asset, is hard to leave Evernote. I have one windows pc and two ios device. I need to have all notes for offline acces I need to take and edit notes in offline mode Add images to notes Add document images to notes add tags for tag organisation I need to search inside pdf adnotate pdf or photos I need a universal app For thats reasons I can't migrate feom Evernote
  7. Same here! ...but, I saw that if everything is sync right, if all offline notebooks are full downloaded, and the device is OFFLINE , or better Evernote is not online, everything works smooth. I'm editing all I need without problems and when I'm sure that I have a good internet access and time to let Evernote sync everything I do a syncro. I use to have all notebooks download on device. All my notes are for offline use. I'm collecting notes all day long in offline mode and after I "put" Evernote online to sync everything.
  8. Nice apps but you have no tags, no seach in pdf doc, no import from evernote. It is not fot me. Is nice becouse is free, but this means that you are the merchandise so take care about your data.
  9. I agree. For my workflow, Bear lack of document camera, draw on photos and export notes to reverse to a better Evernote... just in case. I'm very close to swich to Bear.
  10. Hi, at this moment there are not other apps like Evernote. Bear is very closed to Evernote, but not for windows. Also apple note, but without tags and export possibilty. There are years since I try to go away from Evernote becouse I think is too arogance with costumers. Evernote don't hear the voice of costumers!!! Evernote is the best example of how a costumers service don't must be . Evernote don't care about his costumers. I'm still waiting for Evernote alternative: Trello, notion, simply notes ecc. are not Evernote's alternative. Good apps , but there have not the Evernote features: tags, crossplatform, insert image, documents, files, record voice, good search engine. I don't like the last Evernote's joke: Better Evernote!!!! This is the arrogance of evernote. Nobody ask for restiling apps icon or colors, but For Evernote staff this is a priority. All the bugs, issues of Evernote app are not a priority. The apps icon design is the priority. Thank you evernote's staff! Sorry for my bad english.
  11. Hi , you can try to empty cache - settings - account - support.
  12. Thank you for info. I think not in every App Store they put that infos.
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