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  1. Same for me. I think it started when templates were introduced but I can’t be sure. If I close the note and reopen it again it opens straightaway. Very annoying.
  2. Yes - same thing happened to me. But after a few days it came back. Unusable tonite. Very annoying. If anyone from EN support is reading this could they advise of status - e.g known problem, being worked on, fix expected within a week, or whatever. Thx xx
  3. I have the same problem. Ios10, iPhone 6s, EN 7.17.1. I can't create any new notes using the iPhone. Repeatedly crashes. Crash reports (lots of them) submitted.
  4. I have found that if a small item (like a credit card receipt) contains an address, Scannable seems to assume it is a business card and treat it accordingly. There sems to be no way to override this. This is very irritating. Anyone else have this problem? Any workarounds?
  5. I agree. I personally would rather EN focused on quality software engineering (building reliable product that doesn't require multiple reinstalls etc.) than putting its energy into EN branded post-it note trays, tote bags and coffee cups. Many of us now hugely depend on their products for our day to day life. I get the impression that as the number of platforms and the rate of change in user interface and function has increased, EN are struggling to ensure that product quality is what we all should expect. Slow down and focus on getting it right first time please!
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