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  1. No way back. Ugh. I tried (tested) v10 for Windows briefly yesterday. Clip Screenshot missing from EN taskbar button. Dragging a note onto a shortcut of a tag no longer assigns said tag to the dragged note. I tried the Mac version of v10.3.7 in November. That version was missing the "Copy Image" function which I use very frequently. So I'm confused. EN v10 is missing all this stuff and I'm supposed to install and struggle with all of its shortcomings (and brick my EN edition scanner into a "no way back" state) rather than just stick with Legacy, which does what I need it to do? How about I just use Legacy until v10 gets fixed? I want a productivity tool, not a struggle-with-missing-features tool.
  2. That link seems to be listing generic ScanSnap scanners, rather than the Evernote Edition ScanSnap Scanner. Screenclip of Information tab attached. Things are working as I want them to with EN Legacy -- receipts are detected as receipts and sent to the Receipt notebook, and detection/routing works similarly with documents, photos, and business cards -- so I wouldn't want to mess everything up by switching to a generic ScanSnap Manager that isn't Evernote-aware of contexts and routing. The three scans I made while I was running EN 10.17 looked odd (scan appearing twice/mirrored in the same note with squiggly border on the sides), so I rescanned with 10.17 uninstalled and deleted the odd scans.
  3. That is exactly what I did and what I described. I installed v10.17 and then when I saw the issues in that version (no screenclip function, scans not going to the right notebook, dragging a note onto a shortcut of a tag not assigning said tag to the dragged note) I installed Legacy. But installing Legacy did not restore the proper assignment of incoming scans to their assigned folders (Documents, Business Cards, Receipts and Photographs). However *uninstalling* EN 10.17 immediately brought back the auto-sorting of scans to their proper notebooks. Clearly EN 10.17 was intercepting the scans and putting them in the wrong notebook before Legacy had a chance to put the scan in their proper notebooks. My ScanSnap Manager Evernote Edition is reporting version V1.5L10 (1001). Clicking on "Check for Updates" within the Manager reports "There are no updates" What if you are scanning multiple receipts/documents? Does it stop between scans to ask for the file name? That seems inconvenient if you want to scan a batch and sort through the notes later.
  4. I can confirm that uninstalling EN 10.17 restored Legacy's ability to file scanned receipts in the Receipts notebook where they belong. Bad EN 10.17!
  5. In my old Evernote app, under Tools, there was a "ScanSnap Options..." option which brought up options to auto-file scanned items from the Evernote ScanSnap Scanner to separate notebooks for Documents, Business Cards, Receipts and Photographs. (see screenclip) After upgrading to 10.17, ScanSnap scans just go to one notebook (the default user notebook) with the rest of my notes. How can I undo this holy mess 10.17 has wrought upon me? I went ahead and installed Legacy but when I scan a receipt, EN 10.17 greedily intercepts the scanning import process and puts it in the default user notebook, not the Receipts notebook that has been happily importing all these years prior to the 10.17 update (see attached screenclip). I'll try uninstalling 10.17 and see if Legacy will magically regain control of the ScanSnap import process which it has carried out properly for me since 2016. BTW, EN 10.17 doesn't have a screenclip option. I had to use EN Legacy to screenclip this images. Why Evernote? Why are you doing this to me?
  6. Here's the page I'm trying to clip as a simplified article: http://www.avidblogs.com/avid-media-composer-apple-macos-catalina-support-and-the-universal-media-engine/?fbclid=IwAR2mlM8_2M7E0hG5vsNHxoDfWhE4kCvY_7rChEP7340HBxADCYbLyaKRXEk But when I click simplified article in clipper I only see the first four paragraphs. If I clip the entire page, all the paragraphs are there but the note inherits lots of unwanted formatting. I wanted to use simplified article feature of web clipper to bring in the article without the formatting. I tried removing and reinstalling the clipper from Chrome, but the same four paragraphs appeared.
  7. I've been using Evernote Legacy (Version 7.14.1 (458325 Direct)) because it still has a functioning "Copy Image" command in the context menu. When will "Copy Image" be added to the non-Legacy version? I was reading about the new Home feature in Evernote and that sounds nice and all but if I can't do the "Copy Image" command like I can do in Legacy, then I'm going to stay in Legacy and miss out on all these new features.
  8. Prior to installing version 10 there was a separate "copy image" context menu item that let me copy images (for inserting into Messages or emails). Where did that go? Using the remaining "copy" context menu item on an image results in a tiny question mark being pasted in Messages (instead of the image itself) from the Evernote note. Help! v 10.3.7 build 2018 public Editor: v111.0.14414 Service: v1.22.6 © 2019 - 2020 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved
  9. El Capitan. Because of the issue "Problems annotating in Sierra" on my MacBook Pro after upgrading to Sierra in 2016, I held back updating MacOS on my MacBook Air, for the sole reason of maintaining Apple Preview PDF editing features from Evernote. So there you have it : one feature in one app can hold back new OS adoption. )
  10. I don't see that tabs menu item in Version 7.2.2 (456839 App Store).
  11. That video looks like two *notes* side-by-side, not two *notebooks*. LIke if I wanted to check if "notebook b" has HuffingtonPost-v2 note in it like "notebook a" does, without toggling back and forth between the notebooks (or spaces as that video has). Or to my situation, if my 2018 tax notebook has a T4 note the way the 2017 tax notebook does. That way I can check which 2018 tax notes (or pdfs, because each note is usually a pdf or scan in my tax notebooks) are missing by comparing with the 2017 tax notebook. "Oh, my 2017 tax notebook has a receipt from pair.com, I should go and get a receipt from pair.com for my 2018 tax notebook. Etc, etc." So the notes listed in last years's notebook become a scrollable checklist of what I need in this year's notebook, and having them side-bye-side would make the comparison easier to make than toggling between one and the other. I'm over-explaining this now because my initial post seemed to totally miss the mark of communicating what I was looking for. I said two "notebooks" in my initial post and I thought that would be clear, but maybe because everybody is using spaces now they've forgotten what a notebook is.
  12. How can I see two notebooks at once side-by-side? I want to use my 2017 tax notebook as a checklist of documents that I need for the 2018 tax notebook. I read that tabs can do this but I don't see a tab button in Evernote.
  13. Okay I selected quit Evernote from the Dock and a box popped up with the options Cancel and Quit and I selected Cancel and then a sign into Evernote box appeared. Once in I checked the database location and it is now (Calculating Size): /Users/charleskahn/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/accounts/www.evernote.com Whereas the old location (20.08 GB) was: /Users/charleskahn/Library/Containers/com.evernote.Evernote/Data/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/accounts/www.evernote.com The layout switched from Snippet View to Card View so I switched it back. I was taken through the SnapSnap setup which I already did three years ago. Update: Opened a scanned .pdf document and deleted one page and saved with no problem. Two years of suffering over!
  14. Okay it's morning and I don't see any Evernote window or menu. What happened? 23.47 GB free space on HDD.
  15. Well it's still going. And by going I mean showing no signs that it is doing anything. The last time I saw the copying box it was at 14.1 GB. I guess I'll just leave my laptop on overnight and hope it clears up in the morning.
  16. The "Copying notes" progress box disappeared but no other Evernote Window has appeared. What's it doing? How long will I be in Evernote-less limbo?
  17. Installing the downloaded version over the App store version: After copying the application and agreeing to the terms and conditions and message pops up: "App Store Installation Detected A Mac App Store installation of Evernote has been detected. Evernote needs to make a new copy of your notes. This may take up to several minutes if you have a large account." And then another box pops up showing the progress. "Copying notes 4.1 GB" I hope I have enough space for a second copy. My Windows copy takes up 13 GB so I'm assuming the Mac copy is the same size.
  18. I clicked option Help and didn't see a troubleshooting menu leading to the location of the database. Maybe the App Store version doesn't let you see the database location? Update: Troubleshooting menu appeared. Found Evernote numbered folder.
  19. Things I know / Things I don't know / Things I can guess or suspect -- so many uncertainties when transitioning from App Store version to Download version. I know (hope) all data is backed up to Evernote servers. But I suspect that the downtime and bandwidth cost of re-downloading ~ 13GB of notes from those servers is high. I know that my Mac has a copy of this data. But I don't know whether the database that the App Store version of Evernote for Mac uses is compatible / transplantable with the Download version of Evernote for Mac. What's the order of steps? 1) Delete the App Store version of Evernote from the Mac Applications folder first? Does that affect the database? Will the database self-delete as well once the application is detected as gone? Or does ~13GB of orphaned data just sit there taking up space waiting for me to transplant? 2) Then install the Download version of Evernote? Won't it want to sign in and establish it's own database? This seems akin to Indiana Jones trying to swap the golden idol with the bag of sand without triggering all the booby traps in the temple. I guess as long as you quit out of the newly installed Download version of Evernote, that overwriting it's database with the App Store version of the database won't disturb things. Hopefully the two databases are compatible. And hopefully there aren't permissions issues between the database files that will make the newly-transplanted database unreadable/unwritable for the Download version of Evernote.
  20. I saw that backup page, but it shows how to backup 1 note. And then suggests you can save tags too... If you want to. But our situation here is we want to backup everything and restore it exactly as it was. So that means all notes, all notebooks, all tags (it's scary that that is an option and not the default), all notebook stacks, all saved searches, all shortcuts -- everything. So where is the page that will give me confidence that this is do-able?
  21. I am on OS 10.13.6 and Evernote is Version 7.5.2 (457172 App Store). Is this procedure the same now as it was on March 24th? How and where do you do this enex backup? Do you have to back them up one by one or can you do them all at once? How did you remove the App Store version? By deleting the app from the Applications folder? Downloaded version (Evernote_RELEASE_7.5.2_457164.dmg) from https://evernote.com/download How did Evernote know where to copy the notes from? Do all the notebooks and sub-notebooks re-appear after copying?
  22. Is there a way to rotate text in the annotate tool? So that some text is horizontal and other text is vertical?
  23. Those are the versions I am running. I notice this error in the log: 2018\3\27 13:37:28 ERR Channel: Message 'getOptionsStore' failed with error: Error: Failed to read large IndexedDB value DataError: Failed to read large IndexedDB value at G.rejectionMapper (chrome-extension://pioclpoplcdbaefihamjohnefbikjilc/background.js:1:569997) at X (chrome-extension://pioclpoplcdbaefihamjohnefbikjilc/background.js:1:519252) at IDBRequest.<anonymous> (chrome-extension://pioclpoplcdbaefihamjohnefbikjilc/background.js:1:560832) at IDBRequest.<anonymous> (chrome-extension://pioclpoplcdbaefihamjohnefbikjilc/background.js:1:521019) 2018\3\27 13:37:28 ERR Channel: Error in handleResponse Object:{"errorMessage":"Failed to read large IndexedDB value"} So I removed the extension and re-added it and the dialog box is back!!
  24. Until a few days ago, when I clicked the Evernote Web Clipper button in Chrome, a dialog box would come up offering me Clip options like "Article" "Simplified article" "Full page" "Bookmark" "Screenshot". But now I get no dialog box at all. What gives?
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