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  1. I have to question some of the design choices with the new beta web client. Improving focus over presenting information? What's the point of having all that screen real-estate if your not going to use it?use of whitespace is too extreme, you still have space for more information without it getting confusing or distractingI never found I was distracted by the list of other notes on screen while creating a note.In fact I deliberately glance at the list of other notes in the notebook because they are often related to the note i'm entering so I can appropriately name the new note (deliberately simplistic example, Note 1, Note 2, Note 3, etc...)Creating new notes over finding old ones? With so many other ways to enter notes (web clipper, mobile apps etc..), do you really need to focus the web whole client around entering notes?For me the web client is my main way to lookup previous notes, not to enter themit now takes longer and is harder to find notes, multiple clicks, missing features like autocomplete search, notebook stacks etc..the auto complete search box was key to finding my notes, being able to search for tags and notebooks at the same time as searching for keywordsCasual/new users over power users? My main gripe with this is that the lack of a linux client means i have no real choice but to use the web client as my main client. If there was a power user alternative on linux then I wouldn't mind the web client being simplerThe new interface seems to be tailored to the occasional or new user than power userspower users i would assume are the ones who actually pay for your services and so should be just as important, if not more important than acquiring lots of new casual users.I speak for myself as a power user that I value a full featured experience than a simplified oneThe web client was pretty much feature complete but I the beta version still has a ways to go. I'm trying not to over react to the beta version, after all by definition it is not feature complete or ready for prime time, but I have gone back to the original for now. I hope that some of the points I raised above help guide the rest of the beta clients development in a direction that will be convenient to me. Or give me a linux desktop client and I wont care what you do with the web client :-) Richard
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