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  1. ferol's post in How can I "save all attachments" of one note in EV client v10-latest/Win ? was marked as the answer   
    try click everyvere in note.. (no to attachment) Right click mouse...
    And find export all attatchment..
    If I remember correctly, that's how it's hidden there, but I'm not at the computer...
  2. ferol's post in New version was marked as the answer   
    nothing.. I installed form download, restarted....  
  3. ferol's post in Missing features, bugs and wishlist in v.10 - Clear detailed table was marked as the answer   
    This made me happy today....  It looks like our activity may be worthwhile
    But we need to prioritize the items...

  4. ferol's post in Screen layout on Evernote for Android was marked as the answer   
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