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Note Number Limit Increase



Not sure if I have the right place for this idea/suggestion/question. Has there been any thought given to increasing the maximum number of notes allowed in an Evernote Premium account? I believe it currently stands at 100 000 per account. I am some way off that amount, but I am approaching 50 000 notes. Is this something that may be considered in the future. This is something that I believe users will increasingly desire as the years go by. Thanks.

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When I came close to 50,000 notes, I created a 2nd Premium account and moved 15,000 notes (that fit a specific criteria) to the 2nd account. It took a couple months. After the move, I changed the 2nd account down to a Basic account. Over the recent 12 months, I continue to keep moving enough notes to max out the monthly Basic upload limit.


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