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  1. Thanks Ian and team. Appreciate knowing more about what is being worked on and what is in the pipeline. Also useful to understand some of EN pain points.
  2. I am also using Dragon Naturally Speaking and a big user of Evernote. Would love to use both together for speed but have come across the same issues mentioned by other users. Can Evernote look to fix issues that allow Dragon to dictate directly into notes? Or advise alternatives?
  3. I would be keen to know as well. Still only at 45k notes but interesting in the future. I didn't see any reply.
  4. And another +1 being able to see reminders in list view. Also to add search functions that allow relative and absolute searches as we ll as simple boolean expressions. Combined these functions will make Evernote very powerful as a remember everything including when you want to be reminded of the content of notes.
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