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Outlook Calendar Sync


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Absolute +1. One of the most important feature request IMHO. 

When M$ can integrate EN Reminders in their Android Outlook App, a deeper integration would only be logical. But AFAIK, The only Integration today possible is the mentioned mobile app, and the Email-Clipper-Addin in Outlook Desktop + Web.

AFAIK no calendar view in EN, no Remider Management and Sync in Outlook on PC/Mac, No Outlook or Gmail Calender management in EN, no option to link notes to Mails, no full batch archiving of Mails in EN, *add your wanted feature*, etc

IMHO this is one huge chance for EN to really be successfull with professional users and businesses. M$ is now desperate to find partners, in comparision to their quite brutal business practices in the past. On the other side, on MS uservoice ppl screaming for deeper EN integration, so the pressure is there.

We will see if and which side will fvck this up. I wouldnt want to bet money on this (But pay 1-2€ / Month for a deep integration as additional service). 

But this is a logical step, and eventually they cant avoid it. If EN doesnt take the chance, OneNote will gain more attraction. All those with a Office 365 Plan, schools+universitys+students, businesses, could be potential happy customers with EN.

As a single walled garded App without integration to other services, no company can compete in 2016. This trend will only grow in the future IMHO..



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Hi Connie,

The best solution available for you at the moment would likely be to use the Calendar Connector for Evernote (by the talented software developers at Cronofy).

The sign-up page is at https://evernote.cronofy.com. It takes less than 2 minutes to have it up and running, and your Outlook and Evernote will be talking to each other like two young lovers ceaselessly reminding one another about all the things they have in common...

How it works (from the user's end):

  • Calendar Connector will turn any reminder in your Evernote account into an event in your calendar (appearing on the date you set the reminder to occur). 
  • It will then automatically keep any changes synchronised (irrespective of whether you make the change in your calendar or in your Evernote account - true two-way synching).
  • Note that you will now get a reminder from Evernote and a reminder from your calendar app, which mitigates against forgetfulness but on occasion may be a tad annoying if your workflow includes a lot of reminders (#FirstWorldProblem).

And...it's free. Pretty impressive. Extremely reliable. Hard to fault.

Here's hoping your Outlook and Evernote have a long and happy courtship :)

I hope this post doesn't inadvertently breach the moderator guidelines by being positive and not whinging about anything ;).

Kind regards,
Cheers, Paul

Screenshot 2016-08-28 10.27.02.png

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