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  1. Ha ha, a simple to no longer simple functional requirements discussed for a few years ~ unimaginable! We should think about why we want to throw everything into Evernote Is Evernote the trash or the second brain? I am a Evernote user for many years, The recent introspection made me understand: There's no second brain at all! In addition, DTLow and gazumped, your habits do not represent the needs of most of the Evernote users ~ this sentence I want to say for a long time! 哈哈,一个简单到不能再简单的功能需求讨论了几年~难以想象! 我们应该思考为什么要什么都丢进evernote? evernote到底是垃圾桶还是第二大脑? 我是evernote多年用户, 最近的反省让我明白: 根本不存在什么第二大脑! 另外:DTLow 和 gazumped 你们的使用习惯并不能代表大部分的evernote用户的需求~这句话我想说很久了!
  2. Voted already! Although tag functionality is no longer unique to evernote,But we no longer discuss the difference between Evernote and other similar applications, In terms of Evernote itself, ease of use and experience: Using tags, this visual reminder is no substitute for the audible reminder of a reminder ringtone,A very simple reason, If you can open the Evernote in time, check the labels and notes,Do you still need to record with Evernote? - the brain should be used to remember the information itself, not to remember the tools! As for the importance of repeating reminders, I should say nothing more! The criticism of Evernote comes from my love for him!
  3. OneNote is now more like the Evernote of the 2010, and Evernote is the opposite! I used OneNote since 2007 to switch to Evernote, Not only did OneNote not have many platforms, Even if you want to communicate with developers is almost impossible; Look at today's OneNote, whether it is multi-platform synchronization speed, ease of use, customer responsiveness is much stronger than Evernote! In addition, like wiznote, note. Youdao. com these functions are not as weak as Evernote! There are also privacy security, there are many private cloud can be rented, use open source program to build note application!
  4. chrome automatically translated~~~ In fact, is Evernote interested?It doesn't matter to me anymore,Although I've been using Evernote since 2010. There are many applications that can replace Evernote, and the functionality and customer response are better met, Evernote is so ignorant of the response to the customer, why should I insist on using it?
  5. 很难相信eTube还没有重复提醒?这么简单的功能!不要和我谈论第三方应用程序,他们经常突然关闭服务并停止开发...另外,从用户体验和易用性来看,没有必要下载额外的APP来实现简单的功能。
  6. 从购买到现在就没法正常登录evernote?估计已经停止开发了!若无开发者进一步消息建议先别购买! 很多evernote的app就是这样死得快!
  7. Buy Pro app last week, until now cannot sign in EverNote. 2017/03/11 02:30:14:583 Error: Time: 2017-03-10 18:30:14 +0000 Code: -3000 Error: 未能完成操作。(“com.evernote.sdk”错误 -3000。) Reason:(null) com.klevernote 2017-02-28 18-52.log
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