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  1. Its END OF 2017 and still not fixed? just tried it on latest windows version with OneNote 2016, and when i start the import, nothing happens. Seems this should be Nr 1 priority, otherwise you give up on all OneNote users trying to move back.. Being an Evernote fan is a true torture test..
  2. +1 Maybe as an option to select note format: Plain text, rich text, Markdown, Odt, Doc, HTML, LaTeX etc.. This would be a killer feature, solve many different and mostly popular feature requests in one way. Plus, there are quite many EN-clones/alternatives out today in mid 2017, that offer many of those above mentioned formats, especially markdown, plain and rich text. Quite many ppl moved to them from EN never looking back.. Not that it matters obviously. just my 2 cents
  3. One of the things, which could be a HUGE win in time, nerves and money for many of us.. Dreaming about it for.. I dont know how many years.. ;)
  4. Correct me if i am wrong, but shouldnt it be quite easy/doable to compile EN to Linux, when there is a OSX source available? At least easier then make a Windows Store App from a Desktop App? This missing of an EN client is still the only reason i dont use Linux as daily driver. And that the way for many years now..
  5. Hi! Found nothing in the search, so here proposal: A 1 click "Pocket" style way of clipping, where you could just hit 1 button or keyboard shortcut, and save the page. If possible with pre configured options (Article, Page, Bookmark, etc.). Of course ONLY as an additional way to clip, NOT replacing the current way.. At the moment it is multiple times faster to save a page to my pocket, then to clip it to EN (Of course even without ANY tags, notes, etc.). I do understand the difference between those 2 services, but i think it would still be possible to avoid the tedious way of 1. Click on EN button 2. Wait for UI to load (Takes 1-2 secs till ready to operate even on my fast mid-premium) desktop, not to speak about my older laptop, or those 2GB/4GB windows tablets 2. Check the current clipping format 3. Check target folder 4. hitting save button Some ppl may dont mind, when they only use clipper causally or for private, non extensive use, but for power users, and professional use, this can get a pretty slow and therefore annoying workflow, when one needs to do research for example, and save more then 1-2 pages at a time. And those power and pro users are the ones, that buy the subscriptions mostly. Causal users are most times happy with a free plan. Therefore i think EN should seriously think to target us more, and develop EN potential, where it still stands like years ago. In times like these, where many of those users use their browsers with multiple, often dozens of tabs open, such a batch like option would come REALLY handy, and REALLY save time, nerves and money, and be something REALLY beneficial for many of us. I have been an EN fan from their start on Android, and still have some hope for it, even after feeling burned with lack of focus on core product improvement and lack of listening to the community, as i know many here feel the same. And i do know that EN team has been busy with work on the software and backend core software. But i hope this promised focus on improving EN instead of wasting time and money on BS side Apps will sometime soon come to fruition. Seeing how OneNote catches up, it may be too little, too late. But I hope I am proofed to be wrong on my feeling.
  6. Any news on the subject? 200MB is pretty annoying, and totaly breaks the whole concept of EN being the one place to store everything important. I need to add media files into EN as part of planing of future research. E.g. when i find a piece of media, with a topic/content worth of exploring, i store it in EN. I do understand the 10GB limit, and i pay a reasonable price for it. But there is no real need to limit it further. When every player in cloud storage business provides file size limits of some GB to even much more, there is no technical need for a limit, other then preventing the use of too much storage space/abuse, which is not needed for Evernote, because it already has the 10GB/M. upload limit. AFAIK EN moved to a new and more modern/scaleable backend last year. Now PLEASE take the time to remove this senseless limits. Its 2017, and in a software so flexible, it should be MY VERY OWN CONCERN how i use the 10GB I PAY FOR. To all those who dont need it: Fine, if it doesnt affect you. But please dont be ignorant towards ppl with other needs. And to uploading: AFAIK there is only a Google Drive integration on Desktop, and even that has taken many years to arrive. No MS OneDrive (Which is also a market leader, especially in professional/business use) or Dropbox or WebDAV. Again, its 2017, and supporting all major services / market leaders is a must these days; On mobile, but also on Desktop. All this time wasted on BS side projects.. Cant help myself but wonder, what EN could be these days, if those time and money would have been invested in the core product. And now, OneNote is catching up at a much faster pace, then EN can fix their core app and create new features.
  7. +1 IMHO extremely useful, even much more today then at the start of this thread, and when you look at the enormous success of feed aggregators like Inoreader, Instapaper, Feedly, etc. and the success of content aggregators like pocket. Big part of ENs success in popularity AND reviews were the content clippers like the Web Clipper (Mostly) and now the Outlook clipper (To some part). Meaning: Collecting and archiving content, from casual to mass use, based on personal and professional needs. It still seems to be ENs spirit to be the digital brain. The storage of all important and relevant content when and where needed. At least this has been said quite from the start to mz knowledge, and still has been repeated not long ago by the new CEO. When most ppl in this world use the internet from their Android/iOS device like latest studys show, the too rely on apps to aggregate the content like those mentioned above, with a huge trend of growth in use compared to access by web browser. It is a superior concept, because of its convenience, but also for (semi) professional use and the so called "power users". The connection between different web services is now one of the most important factor for software; Web services or local traditional software alike. Zapier and IFTTT are a prominent example for the huge need and want for this. A walled garden type of company strategy drove MS towards the wall, and even market leaders in traditional desktop software now understood this, now they often use their new openness for advertising purposes, and see this as a major advantage to customers. I hope the new CEO will push EN into the (not so) new times of web services, and connection between them. For example: A "batch save" option in webclipper would make things much easier when working with a service like pocket or inoreader, at least till there is a better and deeper integration. I do understand that keeping code for other services APIs up to date can be huge work, and therefore costs. But there are anyway only some top services in the market, so if would be limited to some extent. And i too think, that EN should diversify more for special usecases, like Journalistic / scientific research, writers in general, casual home, and business office use, use for Bloggers, archiving Media like important photos, Videos, etc. I would pay more then my premium account, if there would be special plugins/addins/extensions for some of the use cases. If they could make EN more modular software wise, this would be a huge benefit. A mass of threads there is about EN not being to diversified for those mentioned or other use cases. PPL are never a statistic sum. There all have a special use case and workflow. So its just stupid company wise, to reject them, even when a feature request gets supported by a larger number of paying customers. The old CEO of the Opera Browser said a few days ago something like about his new Browser: When a feature is only wanted and used by 1%, the do it, as long as it is technically possible and doable. And BTW: The mass of ppl who only use EN for some casual note taking will never pay for premium. Its the power users, the EN fans and community, the professional and semi professionals who pay. And as i said, i would pay more for extended options (IMHO Addins would be best, to disable not needed stuff), and i think from mz experience on reading here for years, that i am not alone with it.. Create some reasons to counter OneNote. It looks like that creators update in spring 2017 will continue to improve on integration between Windows and MS Office, and OneNote too is being pushed with constant updates and enhancements. Rumors about a whole new UX too.. Plus the web clipper has made a giant leap forward.
  8. Absolute +1. One of the most important feature request IMHO. When M$ can integrate EN Reminders in their Android Outlook App, a deeper integration would only be logical. But AFAIK, The only Integration today possible is the mentioned mobile app, and the Email-Clipper-Addin in Outlook Desktop + Web. AFAIK no calendar view in EN, no Remider Management and Sync in Outlook on PC/Mac, No Outlook or Gmail Calender management in EN, no option to link notes to Mails, no full batch archiving of Mails in EN, *add your wanted feature*, etc IMHO this is one huge chance for EN to really be successfull with professional users and businesses. M$ is now desperate to find partners, in comparision to their quite brutal business practices in the past. On the other side, on MS uservoice ppl screaming for deeper EN integration, so the pressure is there. We will see if and which side will fvck this up. I wouldnt want to bet money on this (But pay 1-2€ / Month for a deep integration as additional service). But this is a logical step, and eventually they cant avoid it. If EN doesnt take the chance, OneNote will gain more attraction. All those with a Office 365 Plan, schools+universitys+students, businesses, could be potential happy customers with EN. As a single walled garded App without integration to other services, no company can compete in 2016. This trend will only grow in the future IMHO.. Steve PS: PLEASE USE THE UPVOTE FEATURE ON OP TITLE WHEN YOU SUPPORT THIS FEATURE REQUEST!
  9. Still it would be great to have some dedicated buttons etc in the GUI. Most users are not powerusers, and the "tagging" feature has many problems in understanding it for many of the more basic users, those many threads on tagging shows this clearly i think. Many todays "digital natives" are happy, when they can use app stores, know how "swiping" on their phone works, and run into problems with everything, that goes beyond the superficial GUI of an App. Either you take them by the hand, and help them use the full potential of your product, or they will either not be happy to pay you, or pay and then turn away disappointed. Studys show GUI design is one of, maybe THE most important factor for the success of an App, even for more advanced users. Most ppl dont know Googles search operators, why should the know ENs? They most likely have not the first clue, that such things exist. You improve the GUI for this majority of possible customers, you can only win. Or you accept a focus on power users, and loose most other user bases, like M$ now seems to do. I think there is no reason not to combine both sides. An understandable UI even for not tech interested ppl with no need for cryptic seeming commands AND the potential power and config options for us with a more complex workflow which is often grown over many years. Most ppl hated DOS and hate CMD, why should they see search operators, which need to be learned before, as a vitale option for their workflow.. Just like with Linux: For most ppl (Not for all power users, yes) this would be a great and good working option. Often better as with Windows. But the subtle fear, that sometimes there could be the challange of typing into a command promt, keeps them on distance, and with M$. Again, seemigly small things end up much bigger then thought before. Steve
  10. To be fair, i dont want to forget the things, that are positive.. Like the understanding of the need for a "real" MS Store App which is on par with the "Desktop" App (For all those with 2-1 Surface style devices, which is one of the only growing X86 markets now). The fine tuning and speedup of the desktop app, especially on larger DBs. The death of all those side apps and products freeing up ressources for the more important things. Yeah, even the crippeld freemium. As i know, that many ppl who use EN semi- or full-professional could easily pay for it, are often to lazy (not to say greedy ) to pay for it, and as everyone knows that EN is at a crucial point in its history. Those were hard decicions, but they werent half, but full measures. Kudos to the CEO to pull this through the shitstorm. I just hope the same full measures would apply to the communication towards us and democatic involvement for us users. Steve
  11. Beeing a long time EN fan and loyal supporter, and reader on this forum, here are my 2cents to the challenges and chances for ENs development and business decisions. I can hardly think of ANY software product with such a loyal userbase. But NOTHING but FRUSTRATION comes out of this huge opportunity without REAL open communication and INVOLVEMENT of us users and fans. Yes, there are improvements in this area, but in contrast, even Microsoft (Yeah, M$!) leaves EN now behind with their uservoice page. Clearly, not every small or bigger idea can be added, but its the transparancy and the commitment to their users that matter. The feeling to count, the feeling, not to be infantilized by the company, you try to be loyal too. In todays extremly competive market, EN will be challenged more and more, and we, the loyal users and fans, are the only factor, that could be the joker in this game for EN. But without even more commitment towards us, loyalty can and will end. Eventually. I am happy to pay for the premium, even if it is much € for me, as a "working poor". But loyalty isnt a one way thing. Dont get me wrong, I am happy to see the changes since last year. The focus on core apps, Integration with Outlook, and small steps towards openess. I just think there has been to many years wasted, so now it would take full, not half or 2/3 measures to keep up. More serious integration of popular webservices, Apps, MS Office (especially MS Outlook is crucial for many Business customers), Cloud Services, Storage of Files and Media improved, Tasks and Project Management integration (Or better integration with Todoist etc) would be as crucial for keeping up as improvement on core functions. Its 2016, and even long time cloud- and M$-sceptics like me now realise the potential of these new developments. So my vote is for (and i guess those of others too) letting us take a much more powerfull role in voting on features, and on the roadmap. This way M$ even saved their a$$es on Windows ones again, and it would build more trust and loyalty than ANY blog posting, CEO interview, ect. could EVER build. And on the plus side too, the ppl screaming for this and that here in the forum would have a real way to take action on their beliefs, AND they would easier understand when a request isnt fullfilled. E.g. when i want feature x, but feature Y has a higher vote count, i could accept that easier. REAL democracy cant be wrong, now can it? (No irony intented ) To the new voting feature in "General"-Forum: A first step, but without a dedicated sub forum, without mods that at least try to sort out double posts, this is quite useless, as everything is mixed in this sub forum. But yeah, with some time and adjustments it has some potential. But still: Without an EXACT list which features are beeing seriously considered, which are already planned and/or in dev, it is again limited too much. Again, even M$ know has more transperancy at least on Win10, where you can actually track whats going on with your request. This system here is like voting for a party or politician, and beeing locked into a grave until next elections, where you can only hope that your vote had any impact at all. Where you can most likely only be disappointed. Without real feedback AND transpracy, such a democratic attemp is just a satire on its own kind. Sorry for my harsh words, but as i said, after many years of hope->disappointment, a radical democratic approach to your fanbase seems like the only way to maintain your trust. And as the new CEO just said in an interview: Trust is the most important thing. I just hope, that this are not just words and half measures. Steve
  12. Hi Evernote-community! I am a longtime Evernote-Fan nearly since the start, and I am finally planing on going premium in the near future. One of the reasons besides to support EN, is because i want to use it as a kind of DMS, with all my important documents in one premium account. Mostly this are PDFs, and the very limited PDF-Viewer is a real pita, when you want to operate with this goal of a "cloud-DMS". Keyboard shortcuts for scrolling between pages would change very much, and shouldn't be to hard to implement, at least compared to most other feature requests. But I think all ideas of the OP have their practical value, even more for those of us, who need this features for their normal workflow. It was real sad to see EN loose its focus years ago, and ignored many real valuable request over those years, while wasting time with all those mini-apps, that died sooner or later. With focusing on the core app, and listening to the community i think EN can again become this innovative company, that again is loved by their fan base.. And not loved AND hated both for its self-ignorance.. This is especially confusing, when one looks at the potential, that EN could have for professional usage with a few extensions towards being a native DMS/Project management/Collaboration-Tool/Ect. This is where the money is; And thats why its hard to understand, why EN didnt really try to develop options for those professional users, or only tried halfway. This is my first post in years, hence the new account, because i lost some time ago the faith, that our request here have any real impact at all. But it seems that since 2015 EN has come to realize all this for themselves, and so now i try my luck again here.. Sry for off topics.. So: +1 for: Make the PageUp and PageDown keys move one page backwards and forwards, respectively (as in Acrobat) Make the Mouse scroll button not only move within a page, but automatically scroll to the previous and subsequent pages (as in Acrobat) Include right side document scroll bar to allow "jumping" to other sections that might be hundreds or thousands of pages away (as in Acrobat) Thanks in advance for any replies! Steve
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