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  1. Its END OF 2017 and still not fixed? just tried it on latest windows version with OneNote 2016, and when i start the import, nothing happens. Seems this should be Nr 1 priority, otherwise you give up on all OneNote users trying to move back.. Being an Evernote fan is a true torture test..
  2. +1 Maybe as an option to select note format: Plain text, rich text, Markdown, Odt, Doc, HTML, LaTeX etc.. This would be a killer feature, solve many different and mostly popular feature requests in one way. Plus, there are quite many EN-clones/alternatives out today in mid 2017, that offer many of those above mentioned formats, especially markdown, plain and rich text. Quite many ppl moved to them from EN never looking back.. Not that it matters obviously. just my 2 cents
  3. One of the things, which could be a HUGE win in time, nerves and money for many of us.. Dreaming about it for.. I dont know how many years.. ;)
  4. Correct me if i am wrong, but shouldnt it be quite easy/doable to compile EN to Linux, when there is a OSX source available? At least easier then make a Windows Store App from a Desktop App? This missing of an EN client is still the only reason i dont use Linux as daily driver. And that the way for many years now..
  5. Hi! Found nothing in the search, so here proposal: A 1 click "Pocket" style way of clipping, where you could just hit 1 button or keyboard shortcut, and save the page. If possible with pre configured options (Article, Page, Bookmark, etc.). Of course ONLY as an additional way to clip, NOT replacing the current way.. At the moment it is multiple times faster to save a page to my pocket, then to clip it to EN (Of course even without ANY tags, notes, etc.). I do understand the difference between those 2 services, but i think it would still be possible to avoid the tedious way of 1
  6. Any news on the subject? 200MB is pretty annoying, and totaly breaks the whole concept of EN being the one place to store everything important. I need to add media files into EN as part of planing of future research. E.g. when i find a piece of media, with a topic/content worth of exploring, i store it in EN. I do understand the 10GB limit, and i pay a reasonable price for it. But there is no real need to limit it further. When every player in cloud storage business provides file size limits of some GB to even much more, there is no technical need for a limit, other then preventing the us
  7. +1 IMHO extremely useful, even much more today then at the start of this thread, and when you look at the enormous success of feed aggregators like Inoreader, Instapaper, Feedly, etc. and the success of content aggregators like pocket. Big part of ENs success in popularity AND reviews were the content clippers like the Web Clipper (Mostly) and now the Outlook clipper (To some part). Meaning: Collecting and archiving content, from casual to mass use, based on personal and professional needs. It still seems to be ENs spirit to be the digital brain. The storage of all important and rel
  8. Absolute +1. One of the most important feature request IMHO. When M$ can integrate EN Reminders in their Android Outlook App, a deeper integration would only be logical. But AFAIK, The only Integration today possible is the mentioned mobile app, and the Email-Clipper-Addin in Outlook Desktop + Web. AFAIK no calendar view in EN, no Remider Management and Sync in Outlook on PC/Mac, No Outlook or Gmail Calender management in EN, no option to link notes to Mails, no full batch archiving of Mails in EN, *add your wanted feature*, etc IMHO this is one huge chance for EN to really be
  9. Still it would be great to have some dedicated buttons etc in the GUI. Most users are not powerusers, and the "tagging" feature has many problems in understanding it for many of the more basic users, those many threads on tagging shows this clearly i think. Many todays "digital natives" are happy, when they can use app stores, know how "swiping" on their phone works, and run into problems with everything, that goes beyond the superficial GUI of an App. Either you take them by the hand, and help them use the full potential of your product, or they will either not be happy to pay you,
  10. To be fair, i dont want to forget the things, that are positive.. Like the understanding of the need for a "real" MS Store App which is on par with the "Desktop" App (For all those with 2-1 Surface style devices, which is one of the only growing X86 markets now). The fine tuning and speedup of the desktop app, especially on larger DBs. The death of all those side apps and products freeing up ressources for the more important things. Yeah, even the crippeld freemium. As i know, that many ppl who use EN semi- or full-professional could easily pay for it, are often to lazy (no
  11. Beeing a long time EN fan and loyal supporter, and reader on this forum, here are my 2cents to the challenges and chances for ENs development and business decisions. I can hardly think of ANY software product with such a loyal userbase. But NOTHING but FRUSTRATION comes out of this huge opportunity without REAL open communication and INVOLVEMENT of us users and fans. Yes, there are improvements in this area, but in contrast, even Microsoft (Yeah, M$!) leaves EN now behind with their uservoice page. Clearly, not every small or bigger idea can be added, but its the transparancy and th
  12. Anyone has any idea for windows users on this issue? As i wrote in another thread: " ATM i need to convert all docs manually to OCRed PDF(And the inline viewer has some issues too, like the missing scrolling by mouse wheel + Keyboard) and RTF (which is editable, but kills complex text and table styles).. " UPDATE: I just discovered, that HTML is also viewing inline on windows. And Word can export to HTML (at least my 2016 version, i dunno about others), while saving even complex text layout, images and tables. So if anyone has this issue too (And i think many of us do), then HTML is
  13. Hi Evernote-community! I am a longtime Evernote-Fan nearly since the start, and I am finally planing on going premium in the near future. One of the reasons besides to support EN, is because i want to use it as a kind of DMS, with all my important documents in one premium account. Mostly this are PDFs, and the very limited PDF-Viewer is a real pita, when you want to operate with this goal of a "cloud-DMS". Keyboard shortcuts for scrolling between pages would change very much, and shouldn't be to hard to implement, at least compared to most other feature requests. But I think a
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