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Document camera gone. Forced to use Samsung camera

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Evernote is only taking photos now since I got premium. Scanning camera is gone and it can only use device camera. No options in Setting to change it back. It's hopless as it has no document scan. it takes a photo one at a time for each page.,having to open and close the camera each time. 


Samsung s7. 

Camera is Ok on my iPad. Actually you should be ashamed of your efforts on android. You have no other Evernote apps in the Australian store and the core Evernote app you do have is broken and lacking in features. 

It would be great if you gave this some immediate attention but it seems you don't care about the android platform so I am not hopeful.

My experience using the Evernote app on my Samsung phone is
inferior to iOS on so many levels. My ipad experience is pleasant. Android
document  camera is broken on premium as I am unable to do document scans.
Selecting camera in Evernote app just goes straight to the default Samsung
camera and saves the image back to Evernote - one at a time!


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A recent update made some changes to the camera in the Android app. When you say "Scanning camera is gone," do you mean you can't find any way to add a photo to a note within Evernote? If you don't see the Camera button available when you tap the + button to make a new note, go to Settings > Notes, then Customize + Button, and make sure the Camera is selected. Or if you're editing a note and don't see the camera icon on the toolbar, click the paperclip to get the Attach menu, then select Take a Photo.

Once you're in the Evernote camera itself, check the small icon in the top right of the screen. Tapping that will switch between Automatic mode and Manual mode. Automatic mode should start photographing the document. Some people find that they prefer that way; some prefer Manual.

Or quite possibly I've misunderstood your question, in which case I apologize.

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In the app I click 'add a photo' (the icon) and it opens and the default Samsung camera and is only able to take a single standard photo and drop it back into evernote. Prior to upgrading to premium it opened a document scanning camera that could photograph multiple pages and in document scan mode.


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Hi @Hard Cat,

Thank you for posting. Let's try the following:

1. Open Evernote on your Android device
2. Tap on the three dots in the top right corner
3. Select **Settings > Camera >**Check **"Activate multi-shot"**
4. Go back and activate the camera and see if you see these options

Hope this helps!

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my evernote camera does not scan business cards.  I keep getting a  screen overlay detected message.  it says i have to tun off the screen overlay from setting>Apps

I don't understand what I am suppose to do.   is it the settings in evernote or my phone settings?  

my premium account on my samsung galaxy 6 no longer acts like premium/likewise on the desktop version...i dont know how to fix it.

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