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  1. Thank you. That did the trick. It has switched Back to the Evernote camera now.
  2. Hi In the app I click 'add a photo' (the icon) and it opens and the default Samsung camera and is only able to take a single standard photo and drop it back into evernote. Prior to upgrading to premium it opened a document scanning camera that could photograph multiple pages and in document scan mode. Daniel.
  3. Evernote is only taking photos now since I got premium. Scanning camera is gone and it can only use device camera. No options in Setting to change it back. It's hopless as it has no document scan. it takes a photo one at a time for each page.,having to open and close the camera each time. Samsung s7. Camera is Ok on my iPad. Actually you should be ashamed of your efforts on android. You have no other Evernote apps in the Australian store and the core Evernote app you do have is broken and lacking in features. It would be great if you gave this some immediate attention
  4. Solution: On the Evernote iPad app there is a styles function (with a letter 'P' icon in the toolbar just above the on-screen keyboard in edit mode) (required: 1 iPad) In this you can create a Section (h1) or sub section (h2) style - even block quote or normal. Its pretty cool. Also you can remove formatting with 'P' with a slash through it. The Evernote mac app needs this function too.
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