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Local notebooks on Android



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As I understand it, local notebooks (i.e., notebooks that reside only on the device being used, and are not synced to Evernote's servers and therefore not available to be synced to other devices) are only possible on desktop versions of EN (Windows and Mac). I would love for them to be available on Android too. Obviously there are implications for the limited storage space on mobile devices. But with SD cards available up to 128 and even 200 GB, I believe the choice to have local notebooks (and how much to put in them) should be up to users.

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I'll vote for that,  though I doubt Evernote can deliver much - the question of what gets saved on SD cards seems to be something Google/ Android feel strongly about.  I think the OS is against us at the moment - and I speak as one who bought a 64GB card with the latest phone but still can't use 90% of the space on it...

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