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Feature request - Don't enter sleep mode



Dear all!

I use Evernote on all devices of course (OS X, Iphone, Ipad) and is a great storage and organizer for me. All my cooking recipes are in Evernote and have it in present mode when cooking. So my idea is there should be button in present mode preventing my device entering sleep mode (not sure about the right term here). It's not so convenient with messy fingers and then need to unlock the Ipad. I have a little pen to scroll with to prevent the Ipad gets dirty.

It could also be a sales argument for the premium version. If this is already available then I of course would like to hear about the solution.

Thanks for listening.

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LOL. Having just made an apple pie last night and gotten my iPad screen incredibly nasty while doing so, I can see the usefulness of this. what would be nicer, maybe, is if the auto shut-off settings of iOS were easier to get to, but that's one for Apple to bake up.

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Great you like the idea. I continued to think about it and this 'drain battery ....'. 1 simple solution for that the feature needs to be activated in Preferences first before it can be used. When activating then user should be presented with a warning.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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13 hours ago, Sugartaxnow said:

I have the opposite problem: Evernote does not allow the screen to go to sleep on my Android device (Sony Tablet Z2), all other apps do allow it to go to sleep. Evernote does, however allow my Samsung phone to sleep. Any ideas? (I want it to allow slumber.) 

As with @Tracey C,  your Sony Tablet may have different system level settings.  Difficult for one app to adjust to all the different forks of Android out there.

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On 18/04/2017 at 8:16 AM, Klaids said:

When i try to take photo with evernote phone goes to sleep.  Samsung A3

Loading the camera process does take Evernote a while to complete - I've had my temporary Galaxy S2 snoozing on me while it tries to get to rips with a few apps including Evernote.  Short term remedy - take your pics to the Gallery on the device camera,  then Share those pics to Evernote.  (Merge notes if you want more than one pic per note.)

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