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  1. Dear all My wife is chasing me to solve this so might have missed if someone already have resolved the issue. She has a free EN account and now it won't synchronize from Mac to iOS. When looking at her account it say she has 5 connected devices and only 2 is allowed. Fair enough, but when showing the devices it only shows the last connected devices. So how do I remove the 3 other devices? Thanks for your time.
  2. Great you like the idea. I continued to think about it and this 'drain battery ....'. 1 simple solution for that the feature needs to be activated in Preferences first before it can be used. When activating then user should be presented with a warning. Have a great weekend everyone!
  3. Dear all! I use Evernote on all devices of course (OS X, Iphone, Ipad) and is a great storage and organizer for me. All my cooking recipes are in Evernote and have it in present mode when cooking. So my idea is there should be button in present mode preventing my device entering sleep mode (not sure about the right term here). It's not so convenient with messy fingers and then need to unlock the Ipad. I have a little pen to scroll with to prevent the Ipad gets dirty. It could also be a sales argument for the premium version. If this is already available then I of course would like to hear about the solution. Thanks for listening.
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