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I think it would be helpful if Evernote had an email 'system' built in as well. What I mean is, when I send an email, the only record I have of it being sent is that I 'CC' myself in. But it'd be great to have a 'proper' 'Sent' email box. 

Secondly, why do my shared notes (by email) have the email address 'no-reply....'? Could it be possible for the emails to be sent with either my Evernote email address or one that I set it to? 

I find that some companies send all email with that type of address right to their spam file.

All in all EVERNOTE is my second favourite 'App' (to invoice2go which gets me paid!)!
Keep up the GREAT work!


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2 hours ago, hodah said:

I think it would be helpful if Evernote had an email 'system' built in as well

I'm not sure I see any benefit to this.
Most people have their own email service and id.

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I also also agree, we need some sort of email confirmation of sent items. One of the primary uses for me in my business, is to save my client orders, and then email them from evernote to my office. there have been instances where emails did not send. It would be nice to have some sort of log of sent emails. I understand that this is not a full featured email system, however , why then offer the capability?  Also, the workarounds of cc'ing yourself just creates another thing I have to check, defeats the purpose of having everything in one place. This seemingly should be a no brainer to add this. I am in big favor in case anyone in the evernote development team is working on it...

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