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  1. my surface pro 4 just did some Microsoft updates, and this morning when I went to sign in to evernote, noticed that the evernote touch was gone and I was prompted to sign in to evernote again, which when I did , was not the same view as the touch... I read elsewhere that it has something to do with the Microsoft 10 operating system. Is that true, or can I switch back to the older view?
  2. I also also agree, we need some sort of email confirmation of sent items. One of the primary uses for me in my business, is to save my client orders, and then email them from evernote to my office. there have been instances where emails did not send. It would be nice to have some sort of log of sent emails. I understand that this is not a full featured email system, however , why then offer the capability? Also, the workarounds of cc'ing yourself just creates another thing I have to check, defeats the purpose of having everything in one place. This seemingly should be a no brainer to add this. I am in big favor in case anyone in the evernote development team is working on it...
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